Global Roots Edition 7 - Page 18

Staff spotlight our great young leader e're committed to young female leaders emerging in the business and where possible recruiting from local communities to sprinkle Jupiter magic accross all four corners of the Earth as we expand. W Born in Limpopo and part of a large family of six, Rotondwa Tshifaro Nemuhuyuni, although she is a big dreamer, never imagined that she would get to where she is today. 25-year-old Rotondwa is the Junior Farm Manager overseeing Hayoma 3 in Maswiri, where she manages 45 people working in the field, ensuring that all necessary tasks are carried out, assigning the right people in advance to do so, with the goal of achieving excellence at all times. Before her passion for farming appeared, Rotondwa wanted to be a doctor, but when she realised it wasn’t for her she made the decision to become an agronomist. Inspired by her father, also a farmer, Rotondwa had to be brave and silence all the voices of those who tried to discourage her because of her gender and the colour of her skin. Wise Rotondwa, describes herself as the kind of person who chooses to detatch herself from what happens on the outside, dismissing any negatively and preferring to let her own mind speak; she had a goal and knew she would achieve it. From the village where she was born, she moved alone to the city with the clear objective of obtaining her degree, knowing that she would have to face a difficult path. She now holds an Honors Degree in Soil Sciences and majored in crop production. The tough road did not end at college; being both young and inexperienced brought about its own difficulties when entering the industry. Not growing up on a farm seemed to have an assosication with inability, but of course Rotondwa would prove that notion wrong by finding her place within Jupiter. She decided to continue following her personal mantra: “if you put in all your effort, your excellence will do all the talking”. For her, the support and encouragement of her family was and still is also very important, “having a support structure also helps, family plays a big roll, you always have people to back you up, always have people to talk to”. She has been working for Jupiter for almost a year now, and what she enjoys most about it is being in constant contact with people and being able to talk with the workers while they are in the field. When not on farm, Rotondwa continues to inspire us with her positive can do attitude (and makes us smile with her love for crime and detective TV programes!) 17 JULY 2020