Global Roots Edition 7 - Page 17

Events The Grocer and Sage #CircularFMCG Back in June, Yvonne took part in an editorial webinar called ‘FMCG and the Circular Economy’, in conjunction with The Grocer and Sage. Yvonne joined other industry experts to speak on making the circular economy part of Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG’s) new normal. The five key players discussed how globally we are seeing huge changes due to the COVID- 19 pandemic and the case for circularity within business increases at significant speed, particulary within the food and drink industry. Companies adopting circular economy working practices as part of their post- COVID plan look set to return quicker and better placed than those clinging to the old and outdated ways of working. Uvatec Alongside Azhar from our Indian growing partner’s Sahyadri farms , our CEO Mark took part in the Uvatec grape symposium to discuss our ever developing position on grapes in both Greece and India. You can watch the full video here finding Mark and Azhar speaking between minutes 28-45: JULY 2020 16