Global Roots Edition 7 - Page 16

Events Industry events ONLINE he unique circumstances of 2020 saw planes, trains and automobiles ground to a halt due to COVID-19. With global travel suspended and lockdown’s commencing all over the world, event organisers had to act quickly to cater to those of us working from home or under social distancing measures in the office. T We were thrilled to be invited to various events since the last edition of Global Roots landed and have participated in a few thought provoking and thrilling Q&A sessions too. Fresh Produce India April saw a world exclusive as Fresh Produce India (FPI) Live became the first mobile-ready conference event in the industry. Hosted by Fruitnet’s Chris White from a London studio with Asiafruit’s John Hey, on hand for analysis from Melbourne, the event brought together expert panellists from around the globe with keynote speakers, including our very own leaders Mark and Yvonne. As the Master License holders for ARRA varieties in India together with our long-term grower partners Sahyadri Farms, we are always keen to join the conversation around table grapes in India. It’s no suprise those tuned in were keen to hear from our CEO Mark about our ongoing developments, or listen in to our Joint MD Yvonne speak about creating a more consistent product and adding value to the industry: The important thing for us at the moment is that our retailers understand that we are doing these things as responsible suppliers and as responsible growers and it’s important that they share the responsibility of getting that across to consumers. Hopefully there is a combined effort to infiltrate the consumers’ understanding 15 JULY 2020