Global Roots Edition 7 - Page 15

Women in fresh WAYS TO CHECK IN SAFELY Call them and ask questions that can be answered with “yes” or “no”. This may reduce risk if someone is listening. For example: “Would you like me to call 999?” “Would you like me to call a shelter on your behalf?” “Should I look for some services that might help you and call you back?” Use another form of communication such as text, social media, WhatsApp, or email and ask general questions. This may reduce risk if someone is watching the person’s device or accounts. For example, you can ask: “How are you doing?” “How can I help you out?” “Get in touch with me when you can.” Other questions you can ask: “Do you want me to reach out to you regularly?” “How else can I support you?” WATCH THE WEBINAR RECORDING: VIEW THE POWER POINT ACCESS THE RESOURCE TOOLKIT WHAT IS GLOBAL WOMEN FRESH Global Women Fresh is all about creating positive change around the world through connecting, inspiring and empowering women in the fresh produce industry. The group’s aim is to foster cohesive and meaningful conversations from farm level to board level throughout the five key pillars of the fresh produce industry – Food Waste, Sustainability, Social Impact, Technology and Innovation. By involving the private and nonprivate sectors, Global Women Fresh believe they can create stronger opportunities for women in the agricultural business. What with 80% of all the purchasing decisions in a household made by women, the group trust that by integrating more women in the entire supply chain that we will have stronger economies. JULY 2020 14