Global Roots Edition 7 - Page 13

Technical updates South Africa - Maswiri citrus update At the start of June we provided an update from our citrus farm in Limpopo, South Africa. Exciting details included our new binmatic system, how we’re providing new safe drinking water options and more! South Africa - Zonquasdrift update In this update we documented our latest farm refurbishments and new irrigation pipeline alongside our Nadorcott fruit development, tree re-grafting, removal and more. Greek grape update Our fantastic Greek grape update included details on our ARRA 15, 19, 32 and Maylen varieties and a new test block set up too! Want to recieve our full length latest technical update videos? For access to our technical overview videos and more you can sign up in a matter of seconds, ensuring the latest Jupiter update lands straight in your inbox. The videos, usually sub three minutes will detail on farm developments promoting our transparent way of working further. SUBSCRIBE JULY 2020 12