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1st Edition. Published 21st August, 2015

In this edition, you are provided with the current protocols as

used by Global Performance Testing

Test protocols



Speed - 20m

Speed Ability - Football (soccer)


Power - Vertical Jump (static)

Agility - Weave

Weave Ability - Football (soccer)

GPT Ability - Football (soccer)

Endurance - Yo Yo IR

Optional tests available

Speed Endurance - Repeat Sprint

Multi-stage Beep Test

Distance Endurance


Fit3D Body Measurement Scanning

Body Composition

Ball Speed

Goalkeeper Agility

Optional services available

Slow motion analysis through multiple cameras for kick assessment (drive, loft, pass, volley) and goalkeeper assessment (dive, reach, reaction, decision making).

Sidekick ball delivery system

High Performance Management Consulting

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