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Purpose Test protocol - Agility - Compass To test: agility and change of direction Procedure • The athlete will tag on using their RFID band. • The athlete will step into the timing gate beam facing cone 5 and crouch and touch cone 1. • The athlete must hold this position for a minimum of two seconds for the light on the gate to turn from blue to solid green before starting. • The athlete will then turn and run to the right, touch cone 2 with their preferred hand and return to the centre cone (1), touching this cone with their preferred hand before turning and running out to cone 3. • The athlete will touch cone 3 with their preferred hand, returning to the centre cone (1) and touching with their preferred hand before turning and sprinting to the left, touching cone 4 with their preferred hand and returning to cone (1) in the centre. • The athlete will touch cone 1 with their preferred hand then sprint through the finish gates. • The athlete will be instructed to sprint as fast as possible, ensuring that they do not decelerate until they have passed through the final finish gate. • The athlete will be disqualified if they do not touch all the cones. • The athlete will only perform this test once. Data Analysis The time recorded to the nearest 0.001sec. Diagram Equipment - Sporttesting Sportgatetm, SportIDTM, AthletemanagerTM, cones. ©Copyright 2016 Global Performance Testing -