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Radioimmunoassay Market
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Global Radioimmunoassay Market : Overview The estimation of certain protein in a complex mixture is an important input in the domain of medical science . In immunoassays , highly specific antibodies are used to target the specific molecule of interest and evaluate its quantity in a mixture . Radioimmunoassay is a medical diagnostic process used to quantify the number of specific antigens by using specific antibodies . Radioimmunoassay is a very sensitive technique , in which any biological molecule can be quantified if a specific antibody against it exists even in a very small amount .
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Global Radioimmunoassay Market : Growth Factors The increasing incidence of various infectious diseases and cancer is the major factor boosting the growth of the radioimmunoassay market . The other major factors propelling the growth of the global market include the rising usage of radioimmunoassay procedures in contract research organizations , pharmaceutical industries , and research centers and