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Linerless Labels Market
Zion Market Research , the market research group announced the analysis report titled ‘ Linerless Labels Market : Global Industry Analysis , Size , Share , Growth , Trends , and Forecasts 2016 – 2024 '
Global Linerless Labels Market : Overview
Ever-evolving features in packaging not only reflect the brand name but also differentiate product packaging from competitors . These packaging and labels comprise right information about the product . In addition , they also include anti-counterfeiting properties accompanied with tracing & tracking technologies , which helps the vendor to keep a track of incoming ingredients , internal processing and packaging , and outgoing shipments to traders . Linerless labels are hassle less , liner , and free of waste and are available in a variety of adhesives , which fits the exact need of the application .
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Global Linerless Labels Market : Growth Factors
Major factors responsible for the global linerless labels market growth are the preservation of natural resources , prevention of waste , and energy efficiency . Escalating demand for