Global Issues Network Conference Program: School Without Walls & Washington International School in Washington D.C. - Page 16

  Lorem  Ipsum   16   Student Presentations Session 3 Room A01 Gender Inequality – Anja Soderstrom, Gabriella Pereira-Feron, Carina Norregaard, Sophie Whitehouse, and Rumya Ravi We'll have a discussion to introduce the topic of gender equality, then well have the audience fill out and discuss a Gender Card (similar to the Race Card done at WIS last year). We'll conclude by comparing our grade's Card responses to the audiences, as leave them thinking about the climate" with regard to feminism and gender at their schools and how to improve it. Please schedule our workshop for Friday so that all our team members can be there." Room A02 Rustic Pathways – Alessandra Zucchi I will be discussing my experience working with children in the working with children in the Dominican Republic, and the organization that I traveled with. I’ll also talk about the foundation that my group started. Choral Room Juvenile Delinquency and Education Equality In China and the US – Ray Guo What are the different causes for juvenile delinquency in China and the US? To what extent does education influence a person's ability to make correct choices and how can we help to promote education for all" in China and around the world?" Instrumental Room Learning American Sign Language – Isabel James and Eileen Salcedo Eileen and I hope to spark interest of American Sign Language in people who attend out session. We plan on teaching some basic ASL and making it very interactive. We will also describe what its been like to be able to communicate with deaf people, and how we've been opened up to a new community, as well as the club we started this year at WIS.