Global Issues Network Conference Program: School Without Walls & Washington International School in Washington D.C. - Page 15

  Lorem  Ipsum   15   Student Presentations Session 2 Room A01 Amigos de las Americas – Quinn Gavin and Garrett Salzman First we will discuss the political and economic situations in both Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Then, we will talk about our experiences in those countries as a volunteer with Amigos de las Americas. Room A02 Global Warming and Skiing – Cami Fateh How will skiing change world-wide? Will we have to rely on man-made snow? Is global warming going to wipe out the snow in ski mountains? If so, what percentage of snow mountains will be impacted in the next 20 years? Choral Room Microfinance as a Life Changer – Olivia Domowitz and Vishal Ravi We will first examine what microfinance is, how it came about and how it has helped people. We will look at specific examples of how it has worked and bring in the Grameen project (which was basically the start of it). Then, we will describe Kiva and what we did to raise money. For the interactive activity, we will make people vote for where/who they want us to donate to, and we will ask them to draft their own fundraising "plan". Instrumental Room Project Make: Design Thinking for Social Change – Sophia Pink In just 50 minutes, you'll be taken through a full design cycle -- a fast-paced project where participants interview each other, identify real needs, and develop a solution to a design challenge. You are the designer of any social venture, big or small, so come to this workshop to learn to think like a designer, take the perspective of the people you're helping, and leave with tools you can use for a multitude of other projects.