Global Issues Network Conference Program: School Without Walls & Washington International School in Washington D.C. - Page 14

  Lorem  Ipsum   14   Student Presentations Session 1 Room A01 More Than Sports – Nicholas Martinez A presentation of the non-profit More Than Sports. We offer athletic and academic scholarships to less fortunate children in Colombia. The presentation will cover who we are, what we do, and how students can take part in our mission. Room A02 Gender Inequality – Anja Soderstrom, Gabriella Pereira-Feron, Carina Norregaard, Sophie Whitehouse, and Rumya Ravi We'll have a discussion to introduce the topic of gender equality, then well have the audience fill out and discuss a Gender Card (similar to the Race Card done at WIS last year). We'll conclude by comparing our grade's Card responses to the audiences, as leave them thinking about the climate" with regard to feminism and gender at their schools and how to improve it. Please schedule our workshop for Friday so that all our team members can be there." Choral Room The Rise of Smart Cities – Jacob Hayman The world population is now over 50% urban. The continued urbanization of the world has implications for how cities should be run; carbon emissions, congestion, and crime are among some of the issues associated with cities, so their role is extremely important. Companies like IBM are introducing their models for making cities smarter but it is unclear if theirs is of any merit. Instrumental Room The Importance of Recognizing Our Own and Other’s Perspective’s – Susan Wu The ability and willingness to see the world from a different perspective is a fundamental goal of cross-cultural communication