Global Issues Network Conference Program: School Without Walls & Washington International School in Washington D.C. | Page 5

  Lorem  Ipsum   Welcome to GIN: The World Needs Youth I would like to welcome you to the Global Issues Network Conference at Washington International School. Our student leaders chose the theme “The World Needs YOUth” quite appropriately as they not only planned the conference, but they are the ones who will lead the world in confronting and solving complex global issues. I commend them for their commitment and energy, and congratulate them on assembling this exciting conference. I also thank all of our student participants for their interest in the many challenges facing our world today, and for bringing their passion to this conference. My very special thanks go to Rudy Becker who led our student team expertly throughout the year, and without whom this conference would not have happened. A big thank you also goes to Clayton Lewis, Linda Sills, Ashley Sills and John Sills for all they have done to support this conference, especially for the way they have helped us to strengthen our connection to and understanding of the dynamic Global Issues Network. Lastly, I would like to thank those faculty and staff members worked so hard to make this conference happen. Now )$