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50 Malaysian healthcare tourism : Rebuilding post-pandemic The sector rebounded in 2022 and is poised for even bigger gains in 2023 buttressed by a government blueprint that stresses patient-centric service and branding
Malaysian Healthcare
Thailand ’ s Medical Tourism
52 How Malaysian healthcare should move forward Two healthcare executives in Malaysia share their insights into the future of the industry and how the country could learn lessons from the pandemic to strengthen its medical services
62 Singapore eyes medical tourism rebound and plans to beef up its healthcare The Lion City has managed to navigate the pandemic with one of the lowest death rates among highincome nations and is now pondering how to better prepare for future pandemics and improve the health of its citizens with more targeted preventive approaches
70 Thailand ’ s medical tourism is reemerging thanks to digitalisation and government initiatives Thailand expects to return to pre-pandemic medical tourism levels supported by generous medical visas , a tested telemedicine system , and its global reputation
76 Misinformation is a common thread shared by the COVID-19 and HIV / AIDS pandemics – with deadly consequences Originally published in The Conversation , Global Health Asia-Pacific is republishing it under a Creative Commons licence
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