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On average , healthcare travellers stay in the country between five to eight days . Most of them prefer to find an accommodation near the facility where they are being treated . They also seldom come alone and are more likely to bring family members with them . “ This is where our wellness suites come into play , with patients and their companions having a place to reside between undergoing treatment and travelling around Kuala Lumpur ,” said Dr Colin , adding that KL Wellness City will bolster Malaysia ’ s standing as a premier destination for international healthcare tourism .
Indeed , the location of KL Wellness City is strategic and conveniently accessible for local and international patients alike as it is in close proximity to seven major highways that connect the economic capital of Kuala Lumpur with the industrialised region of the Klang Valley . It is also situated between two major airports : Subang Airport and Kuala Lumpur International Airport ( KLIA ), allowing air travellers to reach it in less than an hour .
KL Wellness City will also be an appealing destination for retirees . Indeed , it will offer well-designed retirement homes that are close to the International Tertiary Hospital , giving retirees access to about 3,000 healthcare workers who can provide standard and specialist medical services that will help them stay healthy and easily support them in case of an emergency .
This is just one example of how KL Wellness City will facilitate the delivery of healthcare services through an organised and structured roster of healthcare professionals , making it a unique healthcare project since most hospitals are stand-alone establishments without additional facilities like medical and wellness suites or shopping malls .
Easy-to-access space that mitigates its impact on the environment The city is divided into eight sections that are interconnected and easily accessible to the physically disabled . It also provides weatherproof accessibility so that people can move freely and with minimal assistance .
The city will also be constructed in compliance with green building parameters to reduce the facility ’ s carbon footprint . This means that all its buildings will be constructed with excellent natural lighting and ventilation that will reduce the need for artificial lighting and air conditioning , lowering energy use .
A research hub Beyond offering high-quality and holistic care , KL Wellness City also aims to be a research and development hub . As a clinician with extensive experience in medical research , Dr Colin knows healthcare innovation can only be achieved through constant research studies . And that ’ s the reason why the new city will house a research office where healthcare professionals will conduct clinical
North Wing , The Nobel Healthcare Park
Wellness Wing
studies that could benefit patients with hard-to-treat conditions by providing them with experimental treatments .
The research projects will involve clinical studies conducted at the hospital , the facility that will provide researchers with lots of different clinical cases to investigate . The city will also create partnerships with universities to conduct lab-based research .
These research efforts will eventually benefit patients because they will tailor medical interventions to the specific needs of the patients treated at the hospital as research findings in far-away countries may not apply to patients of different ethnicity .
Dr Colin added that the world is moving into an era of precision medicine where every individual is considered to have specific traits that require an equally specific medical intervention . For instance , two patients may have similar blood pressure levels but they may respond differently to the same drug , a scenario that can be predicted by precision medicine to improve treatment by selecting the most effective medication for each patient . The team at KL Wellness City aims to turn the promise of precision medicine into a clinical reality .
KL Wellness City is open to explore local and foreign partnerships and ventures with regards to establishing unique medical facilities within the 26.49 acres township .
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