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Wellness care redefined Dr Colin explained that in ageing population , wellness measures are essential to live long and healthy lives because they can enhance the immune system and lower the risk for multiple non-communicable diseases like cancer , diabetes , and heart problems . KL Wellness City will help people achieve this goal by integrating medical care , wellness and fitness into one comprehensive space .
Rejuvenation therapy will be a key service available at the city . In particular , it will suit the needs of the elderly from both Malaysia and overseas . “ We can offer people in their 50s , 60s and even 70s a 3-month rejuvenation package that includes medical check-ups , health screening , and mobility-enhancing interventions such as Tai Chi and rehabilitation exercises that strengthen peripheral muscles and improve balance . By the time the therapy is completed , the 70-year-olds will feel like they are 60 .”
The concept of KL Wellness City revolves around the idea of “ Wellness Redefined ” because it comprises a serene environment , modern infrastructure and comprehensive , community-friendly setting that will promote wellness among patients while preserving the mental health and well-being of healthcare providers .
The go-to destination for medical tourists With more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare tourism industry and regular interaction with patients from other countries , Dr Colin believes that a comprehensive medical facility with adequate accommodation is necessary to fulfil the demands of the growing number of healthcare tourists visiting Malaysia . This led to the conception of KL Wellness City as a one-stop destination for international patients .
Malaysia has been the region ’ s most popular destination for healthcare tourism for four consecutive years before the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic , explained Dr Colin . Most patients come from Indonesia , China , Singapore , and Australia . Indonesians are already the biggest group of medical tourists in Malaysia and are likely to make up an even larger portion of them in the future .
Indeed , the World Bank predicts Indonesia to be the fourth largest economy by 2040 , with a bigger population than the US and a larger number of people able to spend their disposable income in quality healthcare . But since the country ’ s healthcare system is still unable to meet the needs of this growing population , many patients seek care abroad to avoid long waiting times .
Dr Colin pointed out that for Indonesians getting treatment in Malaysia is more cost-effective than travelling to Singapore , where healthcare travellers usually pay more than four times what they are charged in Malaysia for the same medical treatment and specialist consultation . As a result , Dr Colin believes the number of Indonesians , and medical tourists from other countries , seeking care in Malaysia will continue to increase in the coming years .
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