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IHH Singapore houses a Proton Therapy Centre
projectors and multiple camera devices to produce a 3D reference of the patient ’ s body surface to ensure its accurate position for precise radiation delivery through the journey of radiotherapy .
The availability of these advanced radiation therapy techniques in one ecosystem enables IHH Singapore radiation oncologists to provide customised radiation treatment to each patient by minimizing side effects and expediting recovery .
Proton beam therapy IHH Singapore also houses a Proton Therapy Centre where cancer is treated by harnessing the power of protons , tiny particles that can deliver radiation to the exact spot where the tumour is located thus killing its cells .
Also called proton beam therapy ( PBT ), its advantages include a lowered radiation dose to healthy tissues that reduces side effects like secondary cancers . This is one of the key reasons why PBT is often used to treat tumours close to sensitive tissues or those affecting children .
“ Radiation side effects are directly related to the size and dosage of the radiation field on normal organs . By having different techniques available to the radiation oncologist , we can find the best way to minimise unwanted radiation ,” explained Dr Tham .
Latest addition to cancer radiotherapy at IHH Singapore In 2023 , patients with cancer who check in at IHH Singapore will benefit from another cutting-edge radiotherapy approach called hyperthermia or thermal therapy .
This approach involves applying high temperatures to cancer cells to improve tumor control / response to radiotherapy / chemotherapy while leaving surrounding
healthy tissue unharmed .
“ Many phase III randomized clinical studies have demonstrated the benefits of adding Hyperthermia to standard cancer therapies ( Radiotherapy and / or Chemotherapy ). Response rates , local control and overall survival are often 1.5 to 2 times higher than with Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy alone , without inducing additional side effects ,” said IHH radiation oncologist Dr Lee Kim Shang , adding that heating cancer cells makes them more sensitive to chemotherapy and radiation .
Hyperthermia can play a clinical role in the treatment of multiple cancers including breast , pancreatic , ovarian , and rectal cancers as well as melanoma .
A committed team of experts Beyond having the best cancer equipment on the market and some of the top oncologists in the world , IHH Singapore has nurtured its staff to offer holistic care that supports patients physically and emotionally during their recovery .
“ Patients who check in at IHH Singapore can benefit from a host of rehabilitative and allied health services as well as from support groups that can play an important role in helping them coping with the disease and treatment as keeping a positive attitude can improve the recovery process ,” stressed Dr Lee .
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Having a broad range of equipment allows us to tailor our radiation plans to the patient ’ s individual needs .
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