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Avisena : Delivering world-class healthcare to women and children

in women , such as urinary incontinence , urinary tract infection ( UTI ), uterovaginal prolapse , urinary retention during pregnancy , and severe bladder malignancy . The urogynaecology team is skilled in determining whether the condition affects the urinary tract or is caused by another gynaecological condition .
Services for female patients with cancer include :
• Tissue sampling and diagnosis
• Determining stage of cancer
• Surgery
• Adjuvant post-surgical therapy ( chemotherapy / radiotherapy )
• Dietitian consultation
• Legal counselling for adoption
• Reproductive and fertility consultation ( embryo freezing )
Avisena employs a diverse workforce of specialists and general practitioners who pool their collective knowledge to provide high-quality healthcare to women .

Established in May 2019 and located in the heart of Shah Alam , Avisena Women ’ s and Children ’ s Specialist Hospital is a pioneer private hospital providing a wide range of high-quality and personalised healthcare services to women and children .

Avisena offers a full range of standard and customised fertility treatment services conducted by a team of medical specialists adhering to the highest medical and scientific standards . It is also one of the few medical facilities in the country that currently houses the time-lapse incubator ( EmbryoScope ), enabling real-time observation of embryo development . Routine procedures such as 3D laparoscopy provide accurate anatomical space measurements . This critical detail aids gynaecological surgeons in performing minimal incisions , resulting in fewer post-surgical complications and , ultimately , faster patient recovery and shorter hospital stays .
Avisena employs a diverse workforce of specialists and general practitioners who pool their collective knowledge to provide high-quality healthcare to women . The hospital CEO Siti Tettie Hidayati Mohyi emphasised that multiple opinions from various specialists result in a more conclusive diagnosis and , ultimately , the correct medical intervention . She added that the hospitals ’ neonatologists and maternofetal medical specialists regularly organise a discussion session with the OB- GYN and paediatric team regarding the health and wellbeing of the mother and baby . Furthermore , paediatric and orthopaedic specialists can also assist in providing treatment or surgery in the event of complications during birth .
Avisena offers a comprehensive team of urogynaecologists , speciality-trained nurses , and support staff who can treat common urological conditions
The hospital ’ s gynae-oncologists team treats conditions such as cervical cancer , fibroids , and cysts and is well versed in diagnosing malignant tumours based on symptoms such as bleeding and cramping pain . The exact diagnostic process is further refined by applying standard methods such as radiology scans ( CT , MRI ), clinical investigations , X-ray examinations , and haematology tests .
Avisena maternal foetal medicine ( MFM ) specialists are capable to perform an ultrasound scan of the baby starting from the 12th week of pregnancy to detect any significant structural irregularities . These experts can also detect genetic disorders in the foetus . Therefore , it is crucial for women , specifically those with high-risk factors , to consult with MFM specialists during the early stages of pregnancy so that they can receive proper prenatal care . In addition , they should also see OB-GYN specialists and undergo labour monitoring . An early consultation with paediatricians and neonatologists is advised to plan the safest and most convenient childbirth method .
CEO Siti Tettie Hidayati Mohyi
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