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8 You Ask , They Answer
What ’ s abdominal aortic aneurysm ? What conditions can implantable collamer lenses treat ? What ’ s measles and how easily does it spread ? What are silent heart attacks and how do they differ from other types of heart attacks ?
Heart News
16 Holistic health
How to avoid caregiver burnout ; Rest is crucial to reap exercise benefits ; The many benefits of fibre ; Can I put my period on hold ?
22 Heart News
Infant infections raise heart disease risk in adulthood ; Smart watches can remotely detect a weak heart pump ; Air pollution linked to heart attacks ; Heart patients could gain five healthy years by quitting smoking
26 Cancer News
New global partnership will improve access to cancer medicines ; Magnetic therapy shows promise in treating breast cancer ; Topical drugs might treat birthmarks linked to skin cancer ; Genetic changes can predict oesophageal cancer
Medical News
30 Medical News
Giving babies antibiotics could weaken response to vaccination ; Will we ever know the true global death toll from COVID-19 ? New clues to severe COVID in children ; Dengue is on the march again in Southeast Asia
36 Medical tourism news
India to issue special visa for medical tourists ; Thailand ’ s five-point plan to become a medical tourism hub ; ASEAN to launch mutual recognition of vaccination certificates ; The Philippines to join the ranks competing for medical tourism
Medical Tourism News
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