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TMC Fertility pushes the envelope in reproductive medicine

AI advancements but make us an industry leader in being able to select sperm with the greatest likelihood of success , while helping our doctors find the best implantation window that can boost pregnancy success rates .
How does your AI-Optimised Embryo Selection system work and how do its results compare to standard embryo selection ? Our AI-Optimised Embryo Selection process , which incorporates artificial intelligence ( AI ) on top of standard assessments , helps to bring greater accuracy into the embryo grading process . After examining pixel-to-pixel changes from one time-lapse image to the next , data is then scored to reflect the implantation potential of every embryo . Ultimately , it aids in the selection of the most viable embryo for transfer , potentially boosting implantation rates .
Irene Kwan

We sat down with Irene Kwan , Chief Executive Officer of TMC Fertility & Women ’ s Specialist Centre in Klang Valley to learn how it is helping people conceive through high-tech and comprehensive fertility services .

What are the cutting-edge technologies that make TMC Fertility one of the leading reproductive medicine centres in the region ? TMC Fertility is always researching the latest advancements and techniques in fertility technology to stay ahead of the curve . We ’ re thrilled to be the region ’ s first fertility centre to offer precision IVF medicine and treatments .
These include Fertility GeneCode and My GeneCode which offer comprehensive screenings for helping diagnose infertility-causing genetic diseases . By using a pharmacogenomics approach , our doctors can develop an optimised treatment plan for each patient . Our carrier screening will look at more than 10,000 genes to determine if they have the potential to cause genetic or hereditary cancer syndromes in their future children . Our experts will also help you understand your unique genetic composition , enabling you to make better lifestyle choices that can improve your chances of pregnancy .
In addition , we offer other breakthrough innovations , such as AI- Optimised Embryo Selection , Microfluidic Sperm Selection , and miRNA-Based Endometrium Receptivity Analysis . These technologies not only use the latest in
Beyond cutting-edge technologies , why should patients choose TMC Fertility ? TMC Fertility is a full-service , global standard fertility centre that offers a wide range of treatment options for both male and female patients . We deliver superior pregnancy rates of up to 66 percent , comparable to that of world-class fertility centres .
As a result of outstanding patient care , affordable packages , world-class IVF labs , and quality medications , TMC Fertility in Malaysia is poised to become the region ’ s leading fertility treatment centre .
We also provide assistance in various forms , such as instalment payment schemes , dedicated support from our counsellors and customer service teams , and ground coordination for all patients . As global travel reopens , our team stands ready to assist international patients coming to Malaysia .
Many factors can influence the chances of pregnancy , including psychological well-being , diet , and complementary therapies . How does TMC Fertility support patients in these areas ? We believe in treating infertility holistically because no two patients are alike and many factors can influence treatment . Our priority is to assess our patients ’ needs accurately and provide them with the most effective services .
We are one of the few fertility centres in Malaysia to offer an in-house wellness programme that includes Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ) services , like acupuncture . Studies show it can increase pregnancy chances by 65 percent for women undergoing fertility treatment . Another TCM treatment , cupping , can help reduce stress levels and improve circulation by removing stagnation in the fallopian tubes , creating a better environment for conception . We also support patients with nutrition and dietary counselling , group counselling , and a mind-body programme that synchronises with our patients ’ IUI and IVF procedures .
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