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For women with PCOS , one of the most natural drugfree treatment is to reduce their body weight .

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome ( PCOS ) is one of the most common causes of irregular periods and infertility in young women . It is extremely prevalent in women of reproductive age and is estimated to affect 5-10 % of the female population .

Patients accessed for PCOS are usually evaluated on a few criteria to make the diagnosis .
Ultrasound scans may show that the ovaries are polycystic in appearance . One may have irregular periods or cessation of period in the absence of a pregnancy . One may also exhibit symptoms of hyperandrogenism ( high level of male hormones testosterone ) such as excessive hair growth or acne .
For women with PCOS , one of the most natural drugfree treatment is to reduce their body weight . By losing at least 10 % of body weight , the person will most often be able to lessen the symptoms and resume getting their periods and at the same time improves their fertility .
In fact , most patients that started getting diagnosed with PCOS due to their sedentary lifestyle or inactivity will start getting their symptoms under control or disappearing once they go back to a healthy weight . With a healthy weight , disorders commonly associated with PCOS such as obesity , ischemic heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes can also be prevented .
There is no increased risk of ovarian cancer , breast cancer , or any other gynaecological cancer such as vulva , cervical or vaginal cancer . However , women with PCOS might be slightly at risk of uterine cancer as the inner lining of uterus can become very thick due to the non-shedding caused by irregular or no menstruation . When the endometrium becomes too thick , it is characterized as endometrial hyperplasia . Endometrial hyperplasia itself is not cancer , but in some cases , it can
Dr Michael Lim Chung Keat Gynecological Oncologist Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur
lead to the cancer of the uterus . To counter this , your doctor might prescribe medication in the form of hormone tablets such as combined oral contraceptive pills or pills containing progesterone which regulates hormones and the menstrual cycle . The medication also prompts a period known as withdrawal bleed between cycles . Therefore , women with PCOS should see their doctor for prescription pills for induction of withdrawal bleeding to lower the risk of endometrial hyperplasia .
Aside from taking medication , women with PCOS will benefit the most from lifestyle changes . Living well with PCOS requires a proactive approach to adopt an active lifestyle with a healthy balanced diet .
A change in diet and activity may result in weight loss , which can often reduce the symptoms . These actions play an important role in regulating the menstrual cycle , and therefore reducing the chance of endometrium hyperplasia and the risk of developing uterine cancer .
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