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Welcoming the World to Experience Malaysia Healthcare Once Again

Dear Readers ,
Warm greetings from Malaysia Healthcare .
I hope you have been keeping well and staying safe . As we embrace endemicity and live with COVID-19 , continuity of care remains to be Malaysia Healthcare ’ s key priority . Through the past two years , we have actively ensured that healthcare travellers have been able to enter Malaysia for treatment via the swift establishment of one of the world ’ s first medical travel bubbles . With strict protocols in place , healthcare travellers were still able to receive treatments for critical conditions , without compromising the safety of our nation , and that of healthcare travellers .
This year , we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel . I ’ m delighted to share that Malaysia has reopened its borders to the world beginning 1 April 2022 , and there will be no mandatory quarantine required for those who are fully vaccinated . We are ready to welcome all travellers alike with open arms , whether they intend to visit Malaysia for healthcare , business , or leisure , while prioritising their safety and peace of mind .
We are fully geared up to charge towards recovering and rebuilding the healthcare travel industry . In line with our aspiration to provide the best Malaysia healthcare travel experience by 2025 , we will continue to intensify efforts in showcasing Malaysia Healthcare ’ s capabilities and strengths by solidifying its position as the Fertility and Cardiology Hubs of Asia , Cancer Care Centre of Excellence and Hepatitis C Treatment Hub of Asia .
As patient-centricity remains to be our key focus , we will uphold our commitment to provide healthcare travellers a safe and trusted environment to seek quality healthcare . We will continue to offer comparatively affordable medical offerings and provide a holistic end-to-end journey where healthcare travellers are well taken care throughout their journey towards recovery .
Together with my MHTC comrades , member hospitals and partners , we are excited to welcome international travellers back to our shores again for healthcare and leisure activities , strengthened by our nation ’ s commitment to embracing endemicity . Kickstart your healthcare travel journey with us , visit our website at malaysiahealthcare . org , and come and Experience Malaysia Healthcare .
Thank you .
Mohd Daud Mohd Arif Chief Executive Officer Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council
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