Global Health Asia-Pacific March 2022 March 2022 - Page 6


8 You Ask , They Answer
What are primary immunodeficiency diseases ( PID ) and which symptoms are associated with them ? What are the most common skin allergies in children ? What ’ s chronic pelvic pain in men ? What ’ s the difference between sprains and strains ?
Holistic health
14 Holistic health
Why you should donate blood ; Common misconceptions about exercise ; What ’ s the best teeth whitening method ? What ’ s the deal with yogurt ?
20 Heart News
Sexual harassment could contribute to high blood pressure in women ; Antibiotics do not alter risk of heart infection from dental work ; Wrong cuff size can distort blood pressure readings ; AI programme spots hard-to-diagnose heart problems
Cancer News
24 Cancer News
Cervical cancer test might also predict other female malignancies ; Killer T-cell therapy proves to be cure for blood cancer ; Stool microbes may hold key to pancreatic cancer detection ; WHO calls for closing the equity gap in access to cancer treatment
30 Medical News
The coming superbug pandemic ; New device helps paralysed men walk again ; First patient to receive pig heart dies ; Governments want an end to smoking
Medical Tourism News
32 Medical tourism news
Indonesia builds new hospital to stem medical tourism outflow ; Japan opens up to healthcare travellers ; India to promote healthcare travel with standardisation efforts ; Thai government to boost Phuket ’ s credentials as health destination
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