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Achieve a dream body : How body contouring can help

While you can achieve this with exercise and proper eating , it ’ s undoubtedly a long and often painful journey for many .

Health is a comprehensive concept that takes into account different aspects of one ’ s wholeness . When taking care of yourself , you look after your mental health and the physical part as well , which often involves observing a healthy lifestyle . While you can achieve this with exercise and proper eating , it ’ s undoubtedly a long and often painful journey for many . However , with new medical advancements , all of this is now more achievable with aesthetic treatments targeted towards helping people get their dream body and , most importantly , be comfortable in their own skin .

Body contouring or body sculpting in aesthetic medicine is concerned with healthy people who are unsatisfied with some physical deficiency when it comes to fat reduction and , as such , represents a complementary measure for getting an individual ’ s ideal body . In other words , body contouring is not intended to be a primary approach in a weight loss programme . Rather , it ’ s designed to amplify the effort and bring the patient closer to a desired result . Such treatments are often non-invasive , making it a safe alternative to surgery , while still promoting healthiness and a positive attitude towards one ’ s body .
If you ’ re setting your sights on losing weight or contouring your body , there are various treatments and devices at your disposal . Some of the most popular are Emsculpt , CLATUU Alpha , Vanquish ME , Emtone , and Exilis Ultra 360 .
With Emsculpt , supramaximal muscular contraction is induced via HIFEM ( High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic ) technology , which is not possible voluntarily . This treatment will result in muscle development and fat burning at the same time . You will experience a workout with heightened intensity since your muscles are going through a powerful series of contractions .
During a CLATUU Alpha treatment , fat cells are eliminated through a process of cryolipolysis ( fat freezing ), making it a safe and effective non-surgical alternative to liposuction . Thanks to the technology ’ s 360 ° Surround Cooling , this one-of-a-kind body sculpting treatment can freeze off considerable amounts of fat from head to toe by applying temperatures within the range of 5 ° C to -5 ° C to the skin .
Vanquish ME targets areas on the body that are commonly resistant to diet and exercise by heating fat cells with radiofrequency radiation until they are eliminated . A safe and contactless treatment that employs a harness around the midsection ’ s width , it ensures your comfort as the heat from the radiation will not harm your skin or tissue .
EMTONE is a treatment to help reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve the overall skin texture . It works by incorporating pressure wave therapy and monopolar radiofrequency . The radiofrequency heats the tissue to around 44 ° C while acoustic waves are released during the treatment . The many elements that lead to cellulite can be treated with this combination .
When losing weight , the skin tends to become loose and saggy . Exilis Ultra 360 can remedy this with skin tightening , firming , and smoothing . The treatment uses a combination of radiofrequency waves and ultrasound radiation to not only burn fat cells by reducing fat layer thickness in the treated area but also tighten the elastin fibres while also promoting collagen growth beneath the skin .
With all these sophisticated treatments available , getting a dream body is becoming more practical . With that in mind , body contouring or sculpting should therefore be at the top of anyone ’ s list given its relative safety and greater affordability compared to surgery . To decide which treatment is for you , it ’ s best to consult an aesthetic practitioner and discuss your situation in detail .
Datuk Dr Inder is an aesthetic physician at Klinik Dr Inder in Malaysia .
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