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The latest trends in aesthetic medicine

Dr Anna Hoo offers her views on the market
The COVID pandemic has brought about a sharp rise in demand for non-invasive aesthetic procedures . As people spend more time on video calls and virtual meetings , men and women of all ages are paying attention to their outward appearance more than ever before . The increased popularity of social media has also accelerated the demand for such procedures . And while sophisticated computer software may be able to filter out the impurities on the face , the public prefer idols who appear natural and fresh .
Additionally , with information on aesthetic medicine and anti-ageing treatments now freely available on the web , people are better informed about treatment options and are more receptive to them . Instead of going under the knife for a dramatic surgical procedure , people are now going for minor adjustments to their trouble areas . Aesthetic medicine is now seen as no different than regular health treatments .
So what are the most popular treatments in 2022 ? We are seeing the following aesthetic trends among our patients :
1 . Periorbital rejuvenation This entails softening and reducing the frown lines and crow ’ s feet around the eyes , treating eye bags and tear troughs , and enhancing volume around the temples . It improves the hollow and fine lines around the eyes , which is especially important as these are particularly exposed when wearing facemasks .
2 . Face contour enhancement Once the facemask is removed , the cheek , nose , and chin stand out . A better-contoured face gives a more three-dimensional ( 3D ) figure , projecting a more confident and attractive outlook .
3 . Skin quality enhancement A scarred face with dry skin , fine lines , and pigmentation can cause one to feel insecure and lack confidence . Luckily , there are many treatment modalities available that effectively improve the quality of the skin .
4 . Non-surgical skin lift A thread lift is a procedure that implants selfdissolvable sutures under the skin to create a facelift . The same can also be achieved by using high-intensity ultrasound . The non-surgical lifts create a rejuvenated complexion without the pain of a long downtime from surgery .
5 . Perioral rejuvenation A pair of full lips and impeccable perioral area around the mouth exude youthfulness and beauty . By tailoring the treatment to the mid and lower face , one can significantly take years off the face by tackling the deficiencies over the area .
Importantly , these treatments come at a lower cost than their surgical alternatives . Plus , the recovery time is much shorter , which saves people a lot of time and allows them to return to their regular routines instantly ! Such treatments have become a norm rather than a luxury item exclusively for the rich . With these advantages , it ’ s not hard to see why non-surgical aesthetic medicine will lead the trend in the years to come .
Dr . Anna Hoo is an aesthetic physician with an MD from the University of Science Malaysia and received her fellowship training in Dermatologic Laser Surgery at Mahidol University , Bangkok , Thailand . She is the founder and medical director of the Anna Hoo Clinic , an anti-ageing and aesthetic group practice in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia . She is an international trainer and boardcertified doctor of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine .
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