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Future Focus Solutions & Pharma Co ., LTD is a comprehensive provider of durable medical equipment and supplies for hospitals and medical offices in Phnom Penh , Cambodia .
Annelice M . Ea founded the company with the objective of improving the quality of medical products in the country and providing high-quality services , including installation , maintenance , and training , all with the fundamental aim to advance the boundaries of health education and awareness in the Kingdom . She saw a problem in the Phnom Penh medical community that cried out for the participation of a Cambodian firm .
Annelice holds a B . Sc , in Clinical Laboratory Science and Biology from George Washington University and has over 12 years of experience in the medical equipment sales and service industry with leading global medical suppliers such as GE Healthcare , 3M , AGFA , Zoll , Hamilton , Oxywise , and Bayer .
According to Annelice , most medical equipment in Cambodia was provided by foreign companies , very few of whom maintained a presence in Cambodia . Additionally , the Covid 19 Pandemic showed her that Cambodian hospitals lacked the medical-quality oxygen-generating capacity for patients with breathing difficulties .
By starting her own medical equipment company , she could marry her university training with her work experience . Annelice built Future Focus Solutions & Pharma Co ., LTD by creating partnerships with major medical equipment manufacturers . And she scoured Cambodia and the world for projects that were a good fit for her new company .
Since August 2020 , Annelice has built a company that is gaining increasing market share in the Cambodian market and other countries . More importantly , Future Focus Solutions & Pharma Co ., LTD has provided services in other countries . Her successes include : completing the construction and commissioning of a Medical Oxygen Generation System with an oxygen filling station at Port Moresby General Hospital , completing the construction of a Medical Oxygen Generation System with an oxygen filling station at the National Center for Tuberculosis and Leprosy Control in Cambodia , and completing the construction of a containerized Medical Oxygen Generation System with an oxygen filling station for Lao People ’ s Democratic Republic . Other projects are underway in Cambodia , Asia , and Oceania .
Annelice believes that her forbearance , drive , and willingness to do the hard things others are unwilling to do are the basis of her success . Moreover , she lives her vision for her company “ to offer solutions and products that are verifiably efficient and effective . Always push to develop and offer high-quality solutions , services , and products .”
On behalf of everyone from Future Focus Solutions & Pharma Co ., LTD , we are honored to be recognized as “ Medical Product Service Provider of the Year ” from Global Health Asia Pacific 2022 for Cambodia .
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