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CENTRAL HOSPITAL is a multispecialist hospital that was established on 11-11-11 . Known for being the first modern private hospital in Cambodia , it operates based on international standards .
CENTRAL HOSPITAL is equipped with the latest medical technologies , such as the Innova Optima Angiography Machine , lowradiation CT-Scan with 128 slices , 4D Cardiovascular Echography Machine , Electrocardiogram Machine , 4D Ultrasound Machine , GE X-Ray Machine . 24H-Holter Equipment , E-Bike Stress-test Machine , Lifesupport Machines , Patient Monitors , state-of-the-art Operating Theatres , Tailor-made Ambulances , and much more .
CENTRAL HOSPITAL is locally owned and operates both inpatient and outpatient care facilities that provide comprehensive services to individuals in need of medical attention . This requires a complex internal and external networked system of highly skilled , multidisciplinary professionals , skilled workers , and support staff . Each employee has the responsibility to act in a manner consistent with ethical principles and supporting policies , which is to perform their duties with integrity , honesty , fairness , and diligence while adhering to the highest principles of dignity and respect for all we serve . CENTRAL HOSPITAL further recognises and understands that this responsibility extends to all patients , their families , staff , the community , and a wide network of external systems and commits to providing comprehensive , effective treatment and service delivery while applying ethical standards equally , consistently , and without compromise .
One of the strong points of the CENTRAL HOSPITAL is its Cardiovascular care that offers both invasive and non-invasive cardiology . One of the hospital ’ s operating theatres is dedicated to open heart surgery and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology . Today , interventional cardiology is a popular procedure for treating cardiovascular disease , making Cath-Lab one of CENTRAL HOSPITAL ’ s busiest departments . CENTRAL HOSPITAL has all the medical equipment needed to treat cardiovascular diseases , from diagnosis to treatment and management , operated by the most capable cardiologists in the country . CENTRAL HOSPITAL works in collaboration with well-known local healthcare insurance companies as well as international healthcare insurance companies .
At the height of the pandemic , CENTRAL HOSPITAL inaugurated the first branch of its POLYCLINIC CENTRAL TK in Toul Kork , Phnom Penh and currently offers outpatient consultations . The 22-storey building , which extends the main building of CENTRAL HOSPITAL , will soon be opened to the public .
CENTRAL HOSPITAL will continue to endeavor to provide the highest possible level of healthcare service to the Cambodian population .
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