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Medical Tourism News

Malaysia joins forces with Turkish company to streamline health travel
Collaboration will facilitate the referral of Turkish patients to Malaysian private providers

The �alaysia Healthcare Travel Council ( �HTC� has signed a memorandum of understanding ( ���� with Turkish Aktuel ��po Healthcare �nternational �air Company that will boost the global healthcare travel industry and bolster �alaysia ’ s credentials as a safe medical travel destination .

�alaysia ’ s �rime �inister �A� �ato ’ Sri �smail Sabri �aakob , who joined the signing event , said the ��� would benefit both nations by leveraging their healthcare e�pertise while giving �alaysia the opportunity to complement medical care offerings in Turkey .
The key goal is to strengthen collaboration in several areas , including continuous medical e�changes ( C��� , medical research , and training programmes . �t will also facilitate access to �alaysian private hospitals for Turkish patients through referrals .
��HTC ’ s collaboration with Aktuel in Turkiye is a dynamic opportunity for both parties to share and develop industry thought leadership initiatives that can enhance international healthcare offerings for the global community . The blending of our specialties , representing the best of the east and west via C��s and patient referral programmes to name a few , will allow us to provide a true care e�perience in the form of �alaysian hospitality , cementing our commitment in providing quality healthcare in a safe and trusted environment , � said �ohd �aud �ohd Arif , Chief ��ecutive �fficer of �HTC , in a press release .
�ehmet �kan �aya , Chief ��ecutive �fficer of Aktuel , added that the company ’ s e�pertise in healthcare travel would help the �HTC in network building and brand awareness in a partnership that will reinforce the industry .
Thailand drops pass and insurance requirements for travellers
The move will ease travel restrictions but a vaccine or test requirement is still in place

The Southeast Asian nation has stopped requiring pre-travel registration and US $ 10,000 in health insurance for visitors effective July � in an attempt to boost its tourism sector .

But travellers will still have to show proof of vaccination while those who are unvaccinated need to show a negative result from either a �C� C������� test or a professional antigen test kit taken within 72 hours of travel .
��t ’ s a key step to unlock restrictions for major restoration of our tourism , � Tourism �inister �hiphat �atchakitprakarn told reporters , according to �loomberg , adding that the government estimates about � . � million international tourists will visit the country each month over the remainder of the year .
Tourism is a major source of income for Thailand , and the industry has reacted in a positive way to the news . ��t ’ s a much�needed good news for Thai tourism , which has been on life�support for so long , � said �uthichai Luangamornlert , the managing director of Siam �ark City Co ., operator of an amusement park in �angkok , to �loomberg . �Still , the tourism recovery may take much longer with the absence of visitors from China and �ussia , two of Thailand ’ s main tourist sources . �
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