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Who Should Get Accredited ?

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Asia ’ s first quality improvement body to provide accreditation services for hospitals , specialist clinics , and centres of excellence , setting impeccable standards of care in the region with a strong digital and innovative practices .

GHQIA Quality Improvement Programs

Hospital Accreditation
GHQIA provides hospitals access to the well- established standards of ACHS International , with notable added advantages to the accreditation process :
• Assignment of a local partner who can offer accurate , localised feedback and continuous guidance .
• Option to conduct regular mock assessments and readiness diagnostics of processes , procedures , and outcomes to gear up for the actual audit .
• Overall cost-effectiveness through a localised engagement structure .
CoE Accreditation
The Centre of Excellence ( CoE ) Accreditation is a first-to-market initiative allowing GHQIA members to undertake accreditation in niche areas of clinical expertise .
GHQIA will apply the ACHS International standards in a focused manner , conducting a deep-dive assessment of the organisation on those selected fronts .
As part of the excellence requirements and to ensure standout achievements in the identified specialty , the organisation is required to participate in the ACHS International Clinical Indicator Program ( CIP ) to benchmark themselves against best- in-class providers and strive for continuous improvements during the time they are accredited .
Clinic Accreditation
With specialist clinics taking on an increasingly critical role in the patient journey , the accreditation serves as a tool to help clinics communicate their commitment to care excellence and differentiate themselves in a saturated market .
Through the accreditation program , members can tap on the expertise of industry experts for advice and guidance on all aspects of clinical operations , including digital health adoption and other innovative healthcare practices .
The GHQIA member network also offers a platform to facilitate knowledge and best practice sharing amongst fellow providers , opening doors to potential creative collaborations .
Who Should Get Accredited ?
Hospitals , Medical Centres , Centres of Excellence , Day Surgery Centres , Chronic Care Facilities , Alternative Care , Imaging and Radiology , Diagnostics and Laboratory , and Specialist Clinics across all spectrums of medical care :
Aesthetics | Dentistry | Cardiology | ENT | Fertility and IVF | OB-GYN | Gastroenterology | Neurology | Oncology | Ophthalmology | Orthopedics | Psychiatrist | Urology ... and more
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