Global Health Asia-Pacific Issue 2 | 2023 - Page 94

Warm Greetings from Malaysia Healthcare !
Warm Greetings from Malaysia Healthcare !
Dear Readers ,
As we move into the second half of 2023 , I am proud to reflect on Malaysia Healthcare ’ s recent achievements . In 2022 , following the reopening of Malaysia ’ s borders in April 2022 , we garnered RM1.3 billion in healthcare travel revenue , coming close to 76 % of prepandemic levels . This milestone is a testament to our unwavering commitment to providing world-class healthcare while prioritising our patients ’ safety and well-being . We remain humbled by the trust placed in us by international patients seeking advanced medical treatments , and we are deeply grateful for the hard work and dedication of our healthcare facilities and medical professionals . As we embark on the rebuild phase of our Malaysia Healthcare Travel Industry Blueprint ( 2021-2025 ), we are driven by a renewed sense of enthusiasm and determination . Our unwavering focus on delivering the best possible healthcare experience propels us towards new heights , while maintaining our commitment to excellence in providing seamless , world-class healthcare to all individuals , regardless of their socio-economic status or geographic location . We remain steadfast in our pledge to ensure equitable access to healthcare , striving to make it as effortless as possible .
Prioritising Preventive Healthcare
In reinforcing the Malaysia Healthcare brand and facilitating the delivery of true care to healthcare travellers , we continue to expand our focus to prioritise preventive healthcare on top of curative healthcare . Taking proactive preventive measures to safeguard one ’ s health increases the individual ’ s awareness of their current condition and empowers them with the option of choosing the best preventive routes . More profoundly , it offers a better chance of detecting medical concerns at an earlier stage to facilitate better treatment outcomes . Recognising the importance of preventive care , we have launched a multi-industry collaboration to introduce our Premium Wellness Programmes . These programmes are designed to offer healthcare travellers comprehensive health and wellness screenings , top-notch accommodations , flights , and leisure tour packages - all within a safe and trustworthy setting . Our screenings are tailored to the specific needs of each individual , taking into account factors such as age , gender , and current health status . We offer targeted screenings to detect a range of conditions , including cancer , bone health issues , and cardiovascular problems , as well as include certain dental and aesthetic procedures . Our Premium Wellness Programmes create differentiated products for multiple markets and expand opportunities for more scientific wellness programmes , such as genetic screenings which empower patients with more predictive and prescriptive assessments , enabling them to take proactive steps towards reducing the risk of developing certain diseases .
An Exceptional Healthcare Ecosystem
In line with our commitment to providing the best patient experience , we rolled out a first-of-its-kind Flagship Medical Tourism Hospital programme in 2022 . We are proud of the level of dedication shown by all of the participating hospitals as they underwent extensive and rigorous assessments , guided by international standards and benchmarks for medical and service excellence as well as international branding . We ’ ve since identified the finalist hospitals , namely Island Hospital , Mahkota Medical Centre , National Heart Institute and Subang Jaya Medical Centre and we have now moved forward to the Acceleration Phase ( 2023 to 2025 ). Numerous incentives are being granted to support their growth and expansion and we are excited to see how they will continue to enhance the nation ’ s healthcare ecosystem .
As part of our unwavering commitment to providing the best healthcare travel experience , we have taken significant strides towards digitalisation to make the journey for healthcare travellers more accessible and convenient . Our efforts include the reintroduction of the eVISA Medical platform and the recent launch of the Malaysia Healthcare One-Stop Portal ( OSP ). The portal serves as a digital gateway for the Malaysia Healthcare brand , providing healthcare travellers with all the information they need at their fingertips , giving instant access to a myriad of healthcare facilities and medical packages . Additionally , we have also introduced a special immigration lane for healthcare travellers and a forthcoming Medical Companion Service , providing personalised assistance throughout their treatment journey with Malaysia Healthcare .
Our ongoing plans and initiatives make us confident that we are on track to delivering the Best Healthcare Travel Experience by 2025 , as outlined in our Industry Blueprint . As we continue down this path , we remain committed to strengthening Malaysia ’ s position as a safe and trusted destination for healthcare travel . We welcome interested parties to collaborate with us and foster stronger industry partnerships as we work towards our aspiration of elevating the healthcare travel experience .
Join us on the Malaysia Healthcare journey and connect with us on our social media platforms at www . facebook . com / MHTCMalaysia or LinkedIn ( Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council ). Visit www . malaysiahealthcare . org for more information . # ExperienceMalaysiaHealthcare
Farizal B . Jaafar Acting Chief Executive Officer Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council