Global Health Asia-Pacific Issue 2 | 2023 - Page 61

Global cooperation is needed to prevent the next pandemic .
of present and future generations , promote universal health coverage that ensures the best achievable standard of health for all peoples , and recognise existing international entities . Its purpose is to prevent pandemics , save lives , reduce disease burden , and protect livelihoods by proactively strengthening global pandemic prevention , preparedness , response , and post-pandemic recovery capacities . These objectives are guided by equity , vision , principles , and rights outlined in the document .
Dr Leong believes the draft is based on lofty ideals that have great intentions but are difficult to implement . “ They cost money , and the wealthy nations will not fund the poorer nations ,” he said . “ I am not so sanguine on the world working together for the common good .”
Need better management of global logistics network and technology transfer The WHO CA + recommends several national , regional , and international pandemic management initiatives . The WHO Global Pandemic Supply Chain and Logistics Network is one of the convention ’ s recommendations for ensuring an equitable , robust and effective global supply chain . The initiative stresses the importance of manufacturing , strategic stockpiling , and equal distribution of pandemicrelated products among countries in accordance with scientific evidence and epidemiological risk assessments . The draft also emphasises promoting and incentivising the transfer of therapeutics and diagnostics-related technology and know-how among manufacturers , specifically in developing countries .
Maintaining health system resilience and international collaboration The draft pandemic accord acknowledges the significance of a resilient healthcare system that incorporates universal health coverage to lessen the impact of a pandemic and ensure consistency in the quality of healthcare services , hence averting the collapse of the entire system . Reinforcing and maintaining a skilled healthcare workforce is essential in sustaining healthcare capacity during a pandemic . Additionally , collaboration , cooperation , and coordination involving international , regional , and intergovernmental organisations and other bodies are crucial in planning cost-effective measures , procedures , and guidelines for pandemic management in the name of international solidarity .
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