Global Health Asia-Pacific Issue 2 | 2023 - Page 6


8 You Ask , They Answer Is coughing up blood always a sign of a serious condition ?
What are cataracts and can people detect them early ? When do swallowing problems turn into a medical condition ?
What are varicose veins and their telltale signs ?
You Ask , They Answer
18 Holistic health Garlic is good for your health but no magic bullet ; Health literacy empowers communities ; Healthy cooking styles ; You should exercise even when you ’ re pregnant
30 Heart News Planning early birth could prevent dangerous condition in pregnancy ; Heart shape could point to cardiovascular risk ; Cancer increases heart disease risk ; First two myocarditis deaths likely linked to COVID vaccine in Singapore
Heart News
34 Cancer News MD Anderson Cancer Center helps Indonesia reduce disease burden ; Alcohol might increase risk of stomach cancer in East Asians ; Viral DNA in humans can be harnessed against cancer ; Monitoring as good as treatment for localised prostate cancer
38 Medical News Air pollution makes almost entire earth unsafe ; Antiviral drug may prevent long COVID ; India widens access to tuberculosis drug ; Wearable technology could interfere with heart devices
46 Medical tourism news Quantum Healthcare branches out in Malaysia ; Malaysia boosting its flagship medical tourism hospitals ; Emirati hospital joins forces with leading Indian provider ; Medical tourism in South Korea on the rise
Medical News
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