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�C-MSCs have proven to be a valuable treatment option for patients with OA , particularly those who have not responded to other forms of treatment .
Purified �mbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells ( �C-MSCs ) are considered �immune privileged , � meaning they have properties that allow them to avoid being rejected by the recipient ’ s immune system . This is an important feature of �C-MSCs , as it removes the risk of adverse reactions to the treatment and allows for allogeneic ( from a different donor ) use of the cells .
There are several reasons why �C-MSCs are classed immune privileged�
• �o� e�pression of immune system molecules� �C-MSCs have low levels of molecules on their surface that are recogni�ed by the immune system , such as major histocompatibility complex ( MHC ) class I and II molecules . This allows them not to be recogni�ed as foreign by the immune system and less likely to be attacked by immune cells .
• Anti�in�ammatory properties� �C-MSCs have been shown to have potent anti-inflammatory properties , which can help to reduce immune responses and inflammation in the body . This further removes the risk of rejection by the immune system .
• Ability to re�ulate immune responses� �C-MSCs have the ability to regulate immune responses , by modulating the activity of immune cells such as
T cells , B cells , and natural killer cells . This prevents the immune system from attacking the transplanted cells .
• �nduction of immune tolerance� �C-MSCs have been shown to induce immune tolerance , which is the ability of the immune system to tolerate the presence of foreign cells without attacking them . This is thought to occur through the suppression of immune responses and the activation of immune regulatory cells .
At Intellihealth� Clinic by StemCells21 in Bangkok , Thailand , stem cell therapy has been used to treat OA for over 10 years . The main focus of current OA treatments are the �C-MSC , but there is also a combined range of supportive therapies given to support the beneficial actions of the stem cell treatment . �enerally when treating OA , �C-MSCs are injected into the target joints via intra-articular route with imaging guidance when required , and combined with intravenous infusions , this combination gives localised and systemic benefits to the patient .
Each patient is an individual and requires a personalised treatment approach to target the specifics of their arthritis , and any underlying conditions they may have . �uring the consultation stage , the physicians will review the patient ’ s medical history and related diagnostics such as MRIs or other imaging , then create a customised treatment program for the patient .
Our team at IntelliHealth� by StemCells21 has treated thousands of patients suffering from chronic degenerative disease , and patients wish to focus on longevity . Our facility includes 2 medical centres , and our F�A registered Bio-Pharma laboratories where all stem cells are produced by our scientific production team .
If you are suffering from Osteoarthritis , any other degenerative disease , or wishing to undergo our longevity treatment program , contact us for arranging a free consultation .
�ontact us for a �R�� consultation Tel� �66 ( 0 ) 2 650 770� Email� info�ihplus . com Website� www . ihplus . com
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