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• Data security and privacy : The patient ’ s healthcare data is secure , and patient privacy is maintained .
• Patient safety : The provider places utmost priority on minimising errors and overall patient safety .
• Safe and effective medication : Prescribed medication is within guidelines . There is no over- or under-treatment .
With these criteria as a guide , accreditation then can cement trust in medical institutions by facilitating the following goals :
Improve patient outcomes
� Strive for error-free healthcare operations with accreditation . It ’ s not just about following processes and meeting standards . It ’ s also about selfexamination and continuous improvement .
� Gain access to expert consultation and independent assessments in setting up better structures , implementing standard operating procedures , and streamlining processes , allowing the clinic to minimise variability , mitigate risk , and reduce overall costs .
� These efficiencies translate to greater patient engagement , better treatment , and improved outcomes , strengthening the community ’ s trust in healthcare providers .
Innovate for the future
� In today ’ s intelligence age , falling behind in technology adoption can be unforgiving . Accreditation helps members keep up with the transformation of healthcare delivery . Through clear advice and guidance , accreditation inspires and supports efforts to innovate .
Having a competent team and confident leadership � Empowers to improve care delivery . With every employee aligned with the standards , it can boost teamwork , communication , and productivity .
� Staff will take pride in knowing that the organisation is working according to international best practices .
Access to resources and expert network
� Steers the practice in the right direction by examining itself against established global standards within an identified clinical specialty . Helps a clinic identify areas of improvement and monitor its progress .
� Benefit from discussions with advanced industry experts and tap into a broader expert network , sharing best practices and forging collaborations with fellow providers .
Strengthen recognition and reputation
� Healthcare accreditation helps the clinic communicate information focused on patient safety , quality of care , and commitment to continuous innovations . � Strengthen the community ’ s trust in providers .
A new accreditation player for healthcare providers in Asia �lobal �ealth �sia��aci�c has recently launched a parent company that will help medical institutions improve their standards of care by providing quality improvement consultation and accreditation services .
Named �lobalHealth �uality and Innovation Accreditation ( �H�IA ), the new company is a licensed partner of Australia Council on Healthcare Standards ( ACHS ) International and aims to set the standards for healthcare institutions in Asia by providing a rigorous framework to guide the delivery of safe , high-quality , and innovative healthcare in the region .
The company offers hospitals access to the wellestablished standards of ACHS International and assigns a local partner to offer localised feedback and guidance as well as the option to conduct regular mock assessments of procedures to gear up for the actual audit .
Specialist clinics can benefit from the accreditation programme by tapping into the vast �H�IA member network , a platform that facilitates knowledge and best practices sharing among providers in the region , potentially paving the way for win-win collaborations .
The company also provides accreditation services for centres of excellence , giving providers the chance to get recognised for care quality in niche areas of medicine . �H�IA will apply the ACHS International standards in a focused manner , conducting a deep-dive assessment of the organisation on those selected fronts .
GlobalHealth Quality and Innovation Accreditation ( GHQIA )
ACHS International accreditation
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