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Malaysia boosting its flagship medical tourism hospitals

Medical Tourism News

Quantum Healthcare branches out in Malaysia
Medical mall in Melaka will house specialist centre

Singapore-based �uantum Healthcare has signed an agreement with Hatten Land to open up a specialist outpatient medical centre at the latter ’ s Imperio Mall in Melaka . The mall will house practices for the company ’ s medical specialists and aesthetic doctors as well as food and beverage brands and offices , with the centre slated for opening in the second half of 2023 and aiming to treat both local and international patients .

�Melaka is one of several healthcare hubs in Malaysia and the federal government is stepping up efforts to further promote the country as one of the leading medical tourism markets in Asia . Besides Malaysians , we want �uantum Specialist Centre to also target Singaporeans and Indonesians . By our estimates , this centre can potentially cater to a catchment area of at least 2� million people � from Singapore , parts of Malaysia and Medan , the capital of North Sumatra in Indonesia , � �uantum Healthcare ’ s CEO Thomas Tan told The Edge .
A �NESCO world heritage site , Melaka is a popular destination for healthcare travellers seeking treatment in Malaysia . Real estate developer Hatten �and aims to capitalise on the opportunities in the healthcare and medical tourism sectors by transforming Imperio into a medical mall .
�Building a brand-new medical hospital requires significant investment and time , and with the continued push towards telemedicine and outpatient procedures , retail malls are an increasingly attractive location for medical and healthcare services , offering convenience for patients and service providers , � �ato ’ Colin Tan , executive chairman and managing director of Hatten Land , told The Edge .

Malaysia boosting its flagship medical tourism hospitals

Programme will support leading providers in improving their medical tourism services

The Southeast Asian nation popular among healthcare travellers has recently launched its Flagship Medical Tourism Hospital Programme , shortlisting four finalists � National Heart Institute , Island Hospital , Mahkota Medical Centre , and Subang Jaya Medical Centre .

The project aims to further boost the country ’ s credentials as a medical tourism hub for international patients from all around the world .
�Through this programme , the country ’ s top hospitals are intensifying their commitment and endeavours to raise the bar of excellence in delivering exceptional end-to-end services to their patients , further reinforcing Malaysia ’ s position as a safe and trusted destination for healthcare ,” according to a statement from Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council ( MHTC ), the government agency tasked with promoting the sector abroad .
The MHTC added that the finalists were selected through a rigorous process involving data analysis and on-site assessments . The next step of the programme will see the hospitals being reviewed against best practices in medical care , service quality , and international branding over a period of three years .
The healthcare providers will also benefit from incentives that will facilitate improvements in their medical tourism standing .
�To this end , I am pleased to announce the provision of a Special Investment Tax Allowance ( ITA ) for the Flagship Medical Tourism Hospital Programme finalists , which will enable our shortlisted hospitals with the resources to make qualifying capital expenditures to support their growth plans during the acceleration period from 2023 to 2025 ,” Malaysian Health Minister �r �aliha Mustafa said in the statement .
�This special ITA will include technology investments aimed at driving digital transformation in healthcare , in line with Malaysia ’ s IR� . 0 aspiration , � she added .
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