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The DRx philosophy : Doctor prescribed – to make life more beautiful
The DRx Clinic is one of the pioneer clinics to specialise in aesthetics since 1999 . With an occupancy of 10,000 sq feet of premium space at Tong Building within the Orchard shopping belt in Singapore , it has a range of revolutionary tools of the trade to make you feel and look great and it has served more than 60,000 clients and counting .
With over 22 years in the industry , the DRx Clinic has been pioneering Singapore ’ s medical aesthetics scene and committing itself to provide clients with the best results and services .
The DRx Clinic is truly honoured to be awarded by Global Health Asia- Pacific . We believe that winning the award has helped and will continue to help raise our profile in the medical community . The award has certainly given a strong boost to the morale of our clinic . It also motivates us to keep moving forward to strive to do our best for our clients .
The DRx Clinic is the destination for younger , healthier-looking visages with skin that ’ s firm and smooth . The key to healthy , supple skin is no secret . It ’ s simple really – in fact , all that is required is discipline and constant maintenance . Our skin is the only organ that protects us from harsh environmental aggressors , that is why it is important to constantly treat it well .
To uphold the core of The DRx philosophy , DRx has to make sure that our foundation lies in the hands of dedicated specialists and doctors who
Dr Calvin Chan and Fion Wu
not only should have a deep passion for the aesthetics field but understand that each person is distinctly unique as well . That ’ s why the DRx Clinic houses only qualified medical doctors who not only are widely well-read and knowledgeable but are also experts in the field .
At the DRx clinic , our doctors put an expert eye to solve clients ’ everyday concerns . We diagnose and prescribe personalised programmes based on detailed assessments of our client ’ s skin and shape while recommending routine products that work best for their skin . Intuitive , personalised and professional , we ensure comfort and safety at every step of our client ’ s aesthetics journey . From pre-consultation to past treatment , we will see our clients through each process so that they receive the utmost care .
Our clinic leverages a wide range
of up-to-date equipment , proprietary chemical solutions and standardised protocols to help our clients get closer to the beauty that they hope for . We always strive to provide patients with evidence-based treatments using a results-oriented approach .
At DRx , we understand that beauty is an everyday consideration and it is our mission to offer clients to experience “ every day ” as their best day . We are committed to dedication , results and excellence , and provide our customers with the highest level of care and safety .
Lastly , 2021 hasn ’ t been the easiest year by any stretch of the imagination , and we couldn ’ t have made it without our client ’ s trust , love , and support .
DRx Clinic hopes to continue to form long-lasting , trusted relationships with our clients , and celebrate more years of great skin .
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