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With an agenda for the highest standard of integrated care , the clinic comprises a multi-disciplinary team of psychiatrist , clinical psychologist , child and adolescents psychologist , counsellors and life coach working together to provide comprehensive care for their clients .
The team members held clinical leadership positions in their respective fields from civil service , restructured hospital and organisations , before entering private practice . With their experience in their field , utmost care and dedication in their approach , and proactive contribution to research and the society , the team continues to transform mental health in the region , with consistent positive reviews and testimonials from clients .
SPECIALISED SERVICES Licensed by the Ministry of Health , the clinic offers individualised psychotherapy , an evidence-based therapeutic approach sometimes used together with medication for improving mental health well-being . Types of therapy available include :
• Assessments for adults and children
• Clinical psychiatry
• Forensic psychiatry
• Clinical hypnosis
• Cognitive behavioral therapy ( CBT )
• Eye movement desensitisation reprocessing ( EMDR )
• Mindfulness-based therapy
• Marriage and family therapy
• Art therapy
• Life-skills / Executive coaching
• Employee assistance programme
• Telemedicine and teleconsult
Ms Sue Anne Han
“ The most important person you will ever meet is your true self , the most important lessons you will ever learn are the ones you already knew , and the most important journey you will ever take is the inner journey ,” said Sue Anne Han , Adelphi Psych Medicine Clinic .
Sue Anne Han is a licensed psychologist and a Certified EMDR practitioner - an evidence-based therapy that enables people to heal from emotional distress , trauma or adverse life experiences .
Sue Anne received her advance training from University of Massachusetts Medical School , Center for Mindfulness in Medicine , Healthcare & Society . She completed her postgrad training in neuropsychology from SingHealth hospital .
Testimonials : “ Sue Anne is empathetic and sincere , and was able to provide a safe , nonjudgemental space . She has helped me work through issues that have been affecting me for years , employing methods and providing me with the tools to heal and cope , which has improved my quality of life greatly . Overall , I have benefitted from my sessions with Sue Anne greatly , I truly believe that everyone can stand to benefit from therapy ( provided that you are willing to put the work behind it and make the necessary changes ). A big thank you to Sue Anne ! – QH ”
“ Sue Anne is very caring and professional . She has a lot of empathy towards others and listens patiently without any preconceived notions or judgments . I feel safe and secure whenever I am in Sue Anne ’ s office ; knowing that I am in good hands whilst working through my issues and towards self-empowerment and actualisation . --CK ”
“ Sue Anne has been instrumental in helping me overcome traumatic experiences . She provides a caring , non-judgmental and safe space for me to process my deeper inner wounds . I have also experienced Adelphi ’ s staff as friendly and professional . Highly recommended for psychological healing and growth . – JT ”
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