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PROLIEVE THERMODILATION Traditionally when a male patient develops prostate problems and presents with lower urinary tract symptoms ( LUTS ) or bladder outlet obstruction , the standard treatment after failed medical therapy is a surgery called Transurethral Resection of the Prostate ( TURP ). Although this has stood the test of time and has been recognised as effective , it may lead to immediate or late side effects and complications . The latter can be retrograde ejaculation and , at worse , some degree of sphincteric weakness with stress urinary incontinence . Variable degrees of erectile dysfunction may also result .
In 2019 , the Prostate Committee of Farrer Park Hospital ( FPH ) introduced a non-invasive day case procedure that does away with TURP hospital stay , its side effects and complications . This new innovative technique is called Prolieve Thermodilation of the Prostate and takes about one hour in a treatment room under light sedation . The patient goes home once he can pass urine . Most can even go back to work the next day or at worse take a couple of days of rest before returning to normal activity .
Over a two-year period we have done nearly 150 treatments with this machine currently available only in Singapore and Hong Kong . Malaysia and the Philippines are just about to start their initial cases . Specialists
Mr Narender Panjwani & Dr Peng Chung Mien
from FPH have conducted instructional sessions in Manila at the Philippine Urological Association Meeting and in Kuala Lumpur at the Malaysian Urological Association Congress .
The introduction of the Prolieve technique enables FPH to gain acclaim as a forerunner in a new , safer and effective modern method to treat benign prostate hyperplasia in the aging male population – the most common malady found in the practice of men ’ s health globally . More importantly , the procedure has given patients a very comfortable problem-free method to treat their enlarging prostate gland without the need for surgery . Everyone wants to avoid an operation and this technology makes this wish come true , and at a lower cost .
FPH leads in the number of cases done , which makes them the leader in Asia . Dr Peter Lim and Dr Jimmy Ben are now regularly and progressively visiting Asian urologists to assist and teach them how to use Prolieve . Currently , Dr Jimmy Beng and Dr Peter Lim are organising an instructional course at Ho Chi Minh City , Vietnam , to be held in early 2022 .
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