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Colin Teo Urology is a specialist urology clinic led by Dr Colin Teo , who was previously a Head of Department in public service and a recipient of many awards including the 2017 Singapore Healthcare Award , the latest Global Health Asia-Pacific Award for the Urology Centre of the Year in the Asia- Pacific , and numerous patient service gold awards while in public service .
Colin Teo Urology provides a complete suite of urological evaluations with effective and safe therapeutics utilising tested and proven medical treatments and minimally invasive surgical options . Dr Colin Teo graduated from a medical scholarship and was trained in Singapore General Hospital . He received an overseas fellowship in Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Urological Cancer , Kidney Stone and Andrology in the UK and a post-fellowship HMDP in USA for Advanced Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgery for Prostate Cancer . The centre also actively embraces effective new minimally invasive treatment therapeutics and is accredited and recognised in most private hospitals .
Patients and their families will find themselves greeted and cared for by our friendly and engaging nurses and counter staff . Dr Colin Teo is a friendly people-orientated person who actively and patiently counsels patients on unfamiliar medical conditions in several languages like English , Mandarin , local dialects and some Bahasa with the help of an in-house translator . The centre continues to see its growing pool of local , regional and international patients and provides a comfortable
Dr Colin Teo
cosmopolitan environment that puts patients at ease in a newly renovated building providing in-house evaluation and treatments in suitable cases . The centre also effectively harnesses the available high-fidelity , precision time-proven and new technologies in the many different Singapore private hospitals both for elective and emergency surgery for both cancer and benign cases . While not exhaustive , the following lists some of the services provided :
• Advanced laparoscopic and robotic minimally invasive keyhole surgery
• Non-invasive and minimally invasive kidney stone surgery
• Male fertility and andrology
• Reconstructive urology and general urology
Dr Colin Teo holds many urology and men ’ s health appointments in international and local-regional medical societies and associations being invited as faculty and speaker in conferences and master-classes . He also regularly participates in media interviews on radio , TV and social media on crostate Cancer , BPH , kidney stones , men ’ s health and testosterone replacement therapy . He also received many medals for medical missions in UN Peace-Keeping and Disaster Relief and is still actively involved in medical mission work through his church and missions foundation in India , Indonesia and Cambodia . All this with the blessings of his supportive wife and four children .
Experience for yourself the welcoming environment and the safe , effective and innovative therapeutics that you deserve in Colin Teo Urology . We continue to strive and pursue new trending therapeutics for our patients in the ever-growing healthcare science and innovation rapid advancement to optimise urology standards of compassionate care .
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