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With two clinics located in Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital and Mount Alvernia Hospital in Singapore , International Centre for Thoracic Surgery ( ICTS ) is spearheaded by Dr Aneez D . B . Ahmed , Medical Director and Senior Consultant Thoracic Surgeon .
He has been a practitioner in the field of thoracic surgery , with a special interest in thoracic oncology , for more than 15 years . Prior to his private practice , Dr Aneez served as the Head of Service of Thoracic Surgery in the Department of General Surgery in Tan Tock Seng Hospital ( TTSH ), Singapore .
Dr Aneez has great interest in robotic surgery , which led him to be recognised as the first in the ASEAN cohort to get a Level III Certificate specialist training in robotic thoracic surgery from the European College of Cardiothoracic Surgery ( EACTS ). He is also one of the only two accredited surgeons in Singapore trained to perform robotic thoracic surgery and the only proctor for thoracic surgeons in ASEAN .
Robotic thoracic surgery allows for improved visualisation , range of movement and accuracy . The precision of the machine , combined with the surgeon ’ s skill , critical thinking and eye for detail provides better and safer outcomes for patients .
With sabbaticals in Europe and USA for advanced training in robotic thoracic surgery , he now leads the training programme for thoracic surgeons in ASEAN and South Asia . He then became the Vice President of the Robotic Surgical Society of Singapore ( RS3 ) in
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2016 , subsequently being nominated as the President of RS3 in 2019 .
He also has a special interest in chest wall surgery , making him a pioneer in chest wall resection and reconstruction . Dr Aneez has also performed the world ’ s first 3D Printed Polymer Ribcage Reconstruction .
The International Centre for Thoracic Surgery offers a full range of thoracic services , including surgery for the lungs , oesophagus , and chest wall , as well as surgery for hyperhidrosis ( excessive sweating ). Its staff members are firm believers in the marriage between technology and medicine to help improve lives . Robotic surgery is performed through tiny incisions , which means quicker recovery for patients with shorter hospital stays , minimal scarring and reduced risk of infection .
His passion to aid and educate the public on lung health led to the creation of a unique and comprehensive lung screening package — the Early CT-CDT Lung Screening . This early lung screening can detect lung cancer at its early stages for a higher chance of survival . “ Early detection also means that the chance of curing lung cancer can be as high as 80 percent ,” Dr Aneez shares .
The two most important aspects of the lung screening are the EarlyCDT- Lung blood test and the Low Dose CT Scan . The EarlyCDT-Lung is a simple blood test that can detect lung cancerassociated autoantibodies , while the CT Scan continuously rotates in a spiral motion and takes several 3-D X- Rays of the lungs , providing extremely detailed scans for early-stage lung nodule detection . When a lung nodule is discovered early , patients will be able to obtain a minimally invasive thoracic surgical procedure .
Dr Aneez is a member of various thoracic surgical groups internationally . He is also the Thoracic domain board member at the Asian Society of Cardiothoracic Surgery ( ASCVTS ), and he is the current General Secretary of the South East Asian Society of Thoracic Surgery ( SEATS ).
His expertise and knowledge in minimally invasive thoracic surgery led to numerous invitations as a speaker to conferences and workshops in the region . He also receives referrals from other hospitals in the country and other regions such as Malaysia , Thailand , the Philippines and the U . A . E . For more information , refer to www . icts . com . sg .
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