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“ KYM Surgery is built on the principle of Care and Devotion to every patient with expertise , compassion , time and understanding .”
Health should be the number one priority in our lives but we are always distracted by the challenges of modern society with the ever moving escalator of material needs and frills . Ignoring the warning signs of health issues can be compared to holding a loaded pistol to your head .
After devoting over 23 years in Government Health Service in the United Kingdom and Singapore , Dr Kan Yuk Man established KYM Surgery in two surgical clinics ( Farrer Park Medical Centre and Mount Elizabeth Medical Centre ) to continue the delivery of the best possible care to patients . KYM Surgery is led by Dr Kan , whose devotion to his patients is second to none with access on a 24-hour basis along with the most advance cutting-edge surgical techniques in general surgery . His dedicated staff provide time and space for all the patient ’ s needs and requests regardless of the time . These have been the guiding principles from day 1 , which have been adopted and set into the clinic ethos as to deliver the care that is synonymous with KYM Surgery .
Graduated in the United Kingdom , Dr Kan obtained his surgical training and expertise in key hole surgery ( MIS – Minimally Invasive Surgery ) after spending many years on several renowned international units in the UK ( Addenbrookes University Hospi-
Dr Kan Yuk Man
tal , Cambridge ), Hong Kong ( Prince of Wales University Hospital ), Japan ( National Cancer Center & Cancer Institute , Tokyo ) and Australia ( Princess Alexandra Hospital , Brisbane ). The area of specialisation on these units was cancers of the gastrointestinal tract . Dr Kan ’ s expertise starts with the most simple of cases of hernia repair or gall bladder surgery and to date he has performed over 2,500 such procedures . Surgery for the obese ( gastric bypass ) or patient who has troublesome reflux / heartburn ( fundoplication ) is also part of his regular practice . His training has been intense and chal- lenging in order to develop the skills needed to perform keyhole surgery proficiently for benign conditions or cancer . Minimally invasive surgery for stomach and oesophageal cancer leads to lower complication and faster recovery . This is the single approach that is used by Dr Kan for even the most complex of cases .
One of the most challenging aspects of his day to day work is not surgery but a cancer diagnosed in either the oesophagus , stomach , pancreas or colon . This leads to an emotional roller coaster for the patient but Dr Kan will accompany them through a possible cure with surgery and chemotherapy , if needed . This would be the best outcome but the journey may be bumpy or the cancer too advanced for a cure . This is the time when the patient , the family and Dr Kan , with his staff , come together to give the support that is needed emotionally and physically . The patient journey is the most important aspect of care . This is the most rewarding aspect of medical care though it can be heart wrenching at times .
This award of “ SURGICAL MEDICAL CENTRE OF THE YEAR IN THE ASIA- PACIFIC 2021 ” may appear to be simple but in fact it has given the team an understanding that what they do is so important and that it is never seen as trivia . It continues to make us strive and aim to provide the best possible care for patients without any hesitation or shortcomings .
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