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Alpine Surgical Practice is helmed by Medical Director and Consultant Surgeon Dr Aaron Poh . He is a fully accredited general surgery specialist with the Specialist Accreditation Board and Ministry of Health , with a dual subspeciality in colorectal surgery and trauma surgery .
Dr Aaron Poh has two core beliefs that he has carried with him throughout his practice : The first is that every patient is unique - with varied medical conditions , social and cultural backgrounds and individual beliefs - making individualised patient care of utmost importance . The other is the importance of finding a balance between up-to-date evidence-based treatment and new techniques for the best patient outcome .
These beliefs have enabled him to provide safe and good-quality care to his patients . “ It is treating both the condition and the mental well-being of every patient that brings immense joy and satisfaction to me ,” commented Dr Poh . Alpine Surgical Practice abides by three key philosophies :
• Up-to-date and scientific evidencedriven care that is individually tailored to each patient .
• Cost-effective healthcare through the adoption of established and proven treatment options .
• To be with the patient through every step of the treatment journey and to provide comfort and confident support .
Dr Aaron Poh runs clinics in two locations , Mount Elizabeth Orchard
Dr Aaron Poh
Hospital and Parkway East Hospital in Singapore , allowing him and his experienced team to provide accessible healthcare to more patients .
Additionally , in a continuous effort to make more healthcare accessible , Dr Poh ’ s team is competent in providing comprehensive financial advice to all their patients with regards to their coverage , co-payment and MediSave entitlement , on top of the clinical plans provided by the doctor .
In terms of clinical management , Dr
Poh offers three pillars of treatment :
• Endoscopic investigation through gastroscopy and colonoscopy with advanced endoscopic interventions such as EMR and colon stenting .
• Laparoscopic surgery for benign conditions such as gallstones and hernias , and cancerous conditions such as colorectal cancer .
• 24-hour support for all emergency abdominal conditions , including but not limited to acute appendici- tis , acute cholecystitis , perforated organs and intestinal obstruction .
The surgical procedures that he performs are largely laparoscopic ( minimally invasive keyhole ) surgery , and that includes colon cancer surgery , hernia repair surgery and cholecystectomy ( gallbladder removal ). He offers multiple proven and up-to-date treatment options for haemorrhoids ( piles ), and also performs surgery for buttock and anal conditions such as abscesses , anal fistulas and anal fissures . Other procedures include the removal of skin lumps , moles , scars and other suspicious skin lesions .
During this year ’ s COVID-19 pandemic , Dr Poh continued to educate the public on how to properly manage their gut health and the importance of screening through live webinars and radio talks .
“ Being a colorectal surgeon , colorectal health is something that is very close to my heart ,” answered Dr Poh when asked about what he was most passionate about in his day-to-day clinical practice .
He strongly believes that colorectal cancer is easily preventable with regular colonoscopy surveillance . With that in mind , he hopes that in the days to come , more people will take up the approach of doing colonoscopy screening and by doing so , reduce the number of cases of colorectal cancer that we see in the world . “ Be proactive in maintaining good health ,” advised Dr Poh .
For more information , refer to www . alpinesurgical . sg .
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