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Empowerment Through Movement

Our passion of providing quality rehabilitation services is the cornerstone of our journey at KL KINETIC PHYSIOTHERAPY CENTRE . Our founders Dharvin C . Pillay and Tilakh Bahadur began their relationship as colleagues and after 15 years of combined working experience in 3 different private hospitals , their shared passion led them to begin a venture together thus becoming business partners . Equipped with experience as physiotherapists and certified personal trainers , they took it upon themselves to create
a space that focuses on rehabilitation based on human functional movements . Located in Seremban 2 Heights , Negeri Sembilan , the centre offers bespoke physiotherapy services for sports injuries and orthopedic related conditions . In line with their tagline “ EMPOWERMENT THROUGH MOVEMENT ” the principal approach is exercise rehabilitation . We believe early rehabilitation is the key for fast recovery and exercise rehabilitation has been proven the best approach of them all .
You deserve the very best ; which is why we dedicate ourselves in providing you treatment on a one-to-one basis . Our treatments and services are tailor made depending on our client ’ s needs so you can be rest assured , our focus is YOU .
We understand that you ' re in pain ; that can be frustrating , not to mention extremely discouraging , especially if you aim to lead an active lifestyle . The good news is we have a solution for that ! Our pain management approach ( via sports massages , manual therapy , and electrotherapy ), will help you get back on your feet to start moving and exercising , pain free .
Nothing works better to reduce pain than restoring function of an injured or painful area . How do we do this ? By guiding and encouraging you to move and heal through a tailor made and well-designed program focused on exercise-based rehabilitation .
Unlike traditional rehabilitation centres , our sport oriented space is designed to prepare our clients to go back into the real world . How else would you know if you ' re ready to return to your games , if you can ' t test your capabilities in a similar environment with similar movements ? We want to ensure that your rehabilitation is consistent and completed until you return to what you love doing , be it sports or your day to day activities . Therefore , we take pride in creating a conducive environment to help you achieve exactly that .
As the saying goes , prevention is always better than cure . After a thorough movement assessment , we can create solutions to work on your weaker areas to ensure the chances of you getting injured are minimized .
Your goals are of upmost importance to us when creating a rehabilitative program . Our functional training approach ensures that we cater exercise programs that are beneficial to the activities of your daily living and goals . We believe , there is no one size fits all approach when it comes to treatment .