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Therapedic™ : Cutting-edge technology for physiotherapy Crowned as the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre of the Year in the Asia-Pacific , Therapedic™ Medical Center has consistently earned the trust of local and international patients as a preferred healthcare provider and has built a strong reputation by offering cutting-edge treatments with technology interventions , especially in robotic , A . I . and laser interventions . The specialists at Therapedic Medical Center constantly have their finger on the pulse of innovations . The organisation has brought in many new technologies to its centre , pioneering lots of them in Malaysia , to improve recovery of the brain , spinal cord and musculoskeletal disorders .
Therapedic™ Medical Center is situated in the beautiful and sunny island of Penang , in the north of Malaysia . It is located right in the heart of the city , on Gurney Drive , and characterised by amazing warm and tropical weather all year round .
If you want to indulge in your healing journey , this minimalist centre is what you need . Beyond the cosy design work , the team carefully positions every lighting angle , in a way that it doesn ’ t glare in your eyes during the treatment while retaining ultimate clinical ergonomics . Self-sanitising ionizer devices are installed at every corner of the centre disinfecting the environment . In addition , the centre uses odourless , VOC-free paint on all its walls to avoid chemicals in the air .
Ms Jennifer Lok & Mr James Tan
Therapedic holds an unparalleled market distinction with multiple award winning protocols in the areas of slipped disc , scoliosis , non-surgical bone spur therapy , oncology and bonefracture laser therapy , A . I and robotic rehabilitation for stroke and spinal cord injury , traumatic brain injury , neurological rehabilitation , integrative medicine research and rehabilitation research .
“ Therapedic™ is about opportunity . Opportunity to heal , opportunity to advance , opportunity to forward , and we cannot imagine treating our patients without rehabilitation technology . We see it as the future of medicine . We love doing what we do , and we are pushing the boundaries by integrating multidisciplinary protocols , and offering noble treatment solutions is our commitment to make patient ’ s healing experience unlike any other ,” said James Tan , the co-founder of Therape- dic Medical Center .
Nearly all treatment solutions offered by Therapedic™ are insurance claimable , including the advanced robotic neurological rehabilitation , post-surgical recovery , and laser for sport injuries .
In view of the pandemic , Therapedic™ is going the extra mile by introducing TREAT NOW , PAY LATER , a scheme where patients are welcomed to pay no instalment to ensure quality healthcare and treatment are not compromised due to uncertainties .
Technologies available at the centre
• Rehabilitation robotic exoskeletons
• High power laser therapy
• Transcranial laser therapy
• Multi waves laser therapy
• Oncology laser therapy
• Laser spider veins therapy
• Extracorporeal shockwave therapy
• Wholebody photo biomodulation therapy
• Laser acupunctures
• COX full spinal decompression
• Diathermy tecar therapy
• Focused magnetic therapy
• High intensity focused electromagnetic therapy
• A . I based rehabilitation system
• Heptic sensor function trainers
• Power percussion therapy
• Virtual reality cognitive rehabilitation
• Electromyography biofeedback FES
• F . I . R / EMS muscle stimulator device
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