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Pro Care Physio is a professional physiotherapy centre established in 2015 with the goal of delivering quality universal holistic care .
Founded by a team of professional physiotherapists with extensive experience and professional training , Pro Care Physio is on a mission to deliver the most advanced physiotherapy available that has been established through overwhelming clinical success and equipped with cutting-edge equipment to carry out even the most complex procedures . Pro Care Physio is an active clinical physiotherapy practitioner fulfilling the growing demand for a safe , effective and non-invasive treatment to restore the physiological function of patients recovering from injuries and illness as well as to reduce the pain associated with many other conditions , including age-related debilitations .
To date , the centre has helped thousands improve their quality of life through scientifically-designed physio exercise programmes that strive to push the limits of this field of medicine .
Aside from its clinical practice , Pro Care Physio aims to spread awareness of proper personal care ( such as good posture and lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of injury ) as well as the conditions that are treatable through physiotherapy through talks and shows presented at companies , schools , and community centres . The centre is also actively partnering with other local medical providers to expand its capacity to provide quality physiotherapy to a larger number of patients , particularly to those with no access to a specialist .
Yogadevi , Valarmoli and Laavanya
A sanctuary of care In conjunction with advanced equipment and trained professionals , the Pro Care Physio centre ’ s calm and serene beauty provides a conducive environment that can improve how patients respond to treatment as they undergo their assigned musculoskeletal , neurological , paediatric , and circulatory rehabilitation programme .
From manual therapy , exercise rehabilitation , therapeutic modalities to complex spinal decompression therapy that require state-of-the-art medical equipment to perform , Pro Care Physio is capable of providing the treatments necessary to put our patients on the road to recovery .
Most notably , Pro Care Physio has been focusing on delivering better and more advanced physiotherapy for slipped disc rehabilitation based on the latest pathological understanding of the condition as well as new therapeutic approaches and technologies that allow medical practitioners to approach treatment in ways impossible through manual physiotherapy alone . To determine the best treatments to administer , patients who visit the centre undergo a thorough medical assessment comprising a detailed diagnosis and examination by a trained physiotherapist . And , as soon as treatment begins , their progress is closely monitored even after leaving the centre to ensure that they are also benefiting holistically in the long term .
Pro Care Physio also allows patients to tailor treatments to meet their budgets , including the appropriate accommodation and meals in addition to treatment methods .
In addition , all data from patients as well as their feedback are collected and analysed as part of the centre ’ s professional obligation to contribute to clinical studies and improve its service quality .
Doing our part for COVID-19 In light of the COVID-19 pandemic that affected hundreds of thousands , Pro Care Physio has been lending its expertise in providing physiotherapy care to help patients recovering from acute COVID-19 illness strengthen their respiratory system better and more rapidly , especially for those who were already predisposed to breathing difficulties or other comorbidities that may be hindering their recovery .
In addition , the centre is taking all measures to break the cycle of infection , including enforcing regular screening and testing , face mask-wearing , hand sanitisation and washing , social distancing , and regular sanitising of the environment and equipment . At Pro Care Physio , the safety of the patients , staff , and visitors takes priority — a promise it intends to uphold at all times .
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