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Alpha IVF Group has added to its tally of prestigious local , regional and international awards after it was named the Outstanding Fertility Medical Group of the Year in the Asia-Pacific by Global Health Asia-Pacific magazine at an awards event on 8th December 2021 , in St Regis Hotel , Singapore .
The group , which has centres in Kuala Lumpur , Penang and Singapore , boasts arguably the most complete and comprehensive fertility treatment procedures with world-class success rates that are comparable with those of the best known fertility clinics in the UK , USA and Australia .
“ This award is yet another reflection of our consistent efforts in the pursuit of excellence in the IVF field that we are doing ,” said Dato ’ Dr Colin Lee , founder and medical director of Alpha IVF Group .
“ Our clinical pregnancy rate of 82.9 percent from the transfer of a good graded normal is a sterling record on the world ’ s fertility map . What this means is simply that couples who are struggling to conceive will have a better chance of having a baby after IVF at Alpha IVF Group .”
With headquarter at Alpha IVF and Women ’ s Specialists in Kuala Lumpur , and the other two centres at Genesis IVF in Penang and Alpha IVF in Singapore , Alpha IVF Group is now able to offer fertility treatment to more couples in Malaysia and from across the Asia-Pacific .
In addition to its world-class clinical pregnancy rate , its embryo implanta-
Dr Tan Heng Hao - Alpha IVF - SG
receiving the award on behalf of Alpha
IVF Group
tion rate of almost 80 percent and blastulation rate of up to 82 percent are also both world class .
And due to Alpha IVF Group ’ s embrace of the latest fertility technology , it is able to boast a 100 per cent post-thaw survival rate of embryos that have been frozen for later implantation .
“ Through this continuous investment , and being the first fertility centre in Malaysia to adopt many of the very latest procedures , we have been able to achieve a staggeringly high pregnancy success rate .”
Among these innovative and effective approaches to IVF are the pioneering Ova-PRP and Endo – PRP procedures . Ova-PRP enables women who suffer from premature ovarian failure and older couples to conceive by using platelet rich plasma and Endo – PRP enables women with endometrial conditions to have higher receptivity and
implantation rate . Alpha IVF Group members were also the pioneer in Malaysia and Singapore to adopt artificial intelligenceenhanced embryo selection , which uses the latest computer technology to identify the most viable embryos for implantation . With this , Alpha IVF in Kuala Lumpur has recorded a clinical pregnancy rate close to 90 percent since its first application a year ago .
Alpha is also a leader in working collaboratively with other international IVF centres on projects involving endometrial receptivity analysis , genetic and oocyte artificial intelligence in IVF .
“ It is our role in achievements like this that are worth so much more than any accolade , although we are still delighted to be recognised for our pioneering work in fertility ,” said Dr Tan Heng Hao , the consultant O & G and fertility specialist from Alpha IVF - Singapore .
Alpha IVF Group ’ s three fastgrowing fertility centres have established themselves as one-stop fertility solutions that offer high-quality care in a cost-efficient manner — the high success rates mean that patients are more likely to conceive after fewer cycles of IVF .
“ We may pride ourselves on our technology and pioneering techniques , but it is our bread-and-butter role of helping couples to conceive , day in , day out , that has brought us to where we are today ,” said Dr Ng Peng Wah , the fertility specialist from Genesis IVF - Penang .
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