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Asia Retina – Shaping vision care for our future Asia Retina Eye Surgery Centre was established to provide comprehensive and quality vision care with a special emphasis on retinal care . Our retina is the innermost lining of our eyes and houses all the photoreceptors which are critical for good vision . Our retina is irreplaceable and any damage to the retina is often irreversible . In fact , many people are unaware about the true importance of the retina and the steps we can take to preserve our retinal health . At Asia Retina , we use modern technology and innovative solutions to provide optimal eye care for all ; and it is our mission to spread awareness about eye and retinal health , as well as proactive steps that everyone can take to achieve eye wellness .
Asia Retina is helmed by Dr Claudine Pang , an eye surgeon of more than 18 years of experience and multiple international fellowships in New York , Vancouver and London . With vast experience from across the globe , Dr Pang is passionate about providing quality eye care focused on these key aspects : 1 . Offering highly customised treatments for each individual ’ s needs 2 . Providing dedicated eye care with personalised attention
3 . Employing state-of-the-art equipment and innovative solutions for better diagnosis and treatment
4 . Helping underprivileged societies locally and overseas by making free eye care accessible to them
Dr Claudine Pang
Asia Retina is known for its key services which include : 1 . Retinal diseases including retinal tears , detachment and floaters
2 . Treatment of macular degeneration , macular hole and epiretinal membrane
3 . Progressive cataract treatments that eliminate spectacles for astigmatism and presbyopia
4 . Glaucoma screening and treatment including minimally-invasive glaucoma surgery
5 . Dedicated myopia control for children and adults
6 . Eye wellness enhancing techniques including novel dry eye therapy
Known for its innovative spirit , Asia Retina has also created Singapore ’ s first mobile app for eye health . This free app allows users to perform simple self-assessment eye tests including visual acuity , colour vision , macular function and dry eye assessment ; keep a personal profile of your eye medical records , set phone reminder alerts for instilling eye drops on schedule and read about eye-related articles . We believe that this app is a step towards better patient awareness of their eye health .
Recently , Dr Claudine Pang launched the first eye health book of its kind entitled ‘ Eye Care For All ’, a richly illustrated text meant for public readers of any level . This book compiles a list of the most common eye symptoms and conditions that affect our population in an easy-to-read guide so that readers may be able to find the answers to their burning questions about eye health . This book is sold at all major bookstores , magazine stands and online at www . eyecarewithoutborders . com / shop .
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