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Lang Eye Centre is a comprehensive one-stop eye specialist centre for treating eye disease . Lang Eye Centre is committed to providing high quality eye care and treatment and offers the latest and most advanced cutting-edge treatments to help patients get the best outcomes for their eye condition .
Lang Eye Centre is helmed by renowned Senior Ophthalmologist Dr Leonard Ang . Dr Ang has pioneered many cutting-edge treatments for complex blinding eye conditions , and has won numerous awards for his groundbreaking work in ophthalmology .
He was previously an Associate Professor at the Singapore National Eye Centre ( SNEC ) and the Department of Ophthalmology at Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine , National University of Singapore ( NUS ), and was the Principal Investigator and Group Leader of the ocular surface stem cell and tissue engineering programmes at SNEC and the Singapore Eye Research Institute .
He is an internationally renowned eye surgeon who specialises in advanced cataract surgery , cornea disease treatment , cornea transplantation , glaucoma treatment , retinal disease treatment , stem cell transplantation , complex eye disease treatment and refractive surgery ( LASIK , Epi-LASIK , LASEK and Implantable Contact Lens ).
Having completed his specialist training in Singapore , he completed advanced training fellowships at prestigious eye centres around the world , including University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in USA , Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine in Japan , and Harvard Medical School , Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary
Dr Leonard Ang
in USA . He is one of the few doctors in Singapore to be conferred the Doctorate of Medicine degree .
Dr Ang ’ s achievements include pioneering new methods for cornea and stem cell transplantation . He pioneered the use of serum-free derived bioengineered conjunctival tissues for treating eye diseases , as well as bioengineered oral ( mouth ) stem cell transplantation for severe cornea disease . He performed the first series of Artificial Cornea ( Boston keratoprosthesis ) transplantations in Singapore and Southeast Asia for complex eye disease , and has helped to restore the vision of local and international patients with blinding eye diseases .
Dr Ang was awarded the prestigious Singapore National Academy of Science Young Scientist Award in 2005 , Singapore ’ s highest honour in Science and Technology . He has won 30 international and local scientific awards for his outstanding work in ophthalmology , including the NUS Young Scientist Award , NUS Research Excellence Award and the Singapore Clinician Investigator Award . He has written more than 90 articles in international journals and scientific publications , seven book chapters and has given more than 130 conference presentations .
Our Services Lang Eye Centre provides a comprehensive range of eye services , including :
• Cataract screening and advanced cataract surgery - using the latest advances in technology ( e . g . bladeless surgery , computer assisted cataract surgery ) and premium lenses to correct all refractive errors ( e . g . myopia , astigmatism and presbyopia or lao hua ) and achieve the best and safest outcome for patients
• Retinal disease screening and treatment
• Age-related macular degeneration and retinal detachment treatment
• Glaucoma screening and treatment
• Cornea transplantation – we offer the latest techniques in corneal transplantation , including Anterior lamellar keratoplasty , Posterior lamellar keratoplasty or Endothelial keratoplasty , Artificial Cornea Transplantation ( Boston keratoprosthesis )
• Refractive surgery including iLASIK ( bladeless customised wavefrontguided LASIK ), Implantable Contact Lens Surgery and Correction of Presbyopia ( Lao Hua ). Our treatments are customised to help patients achieve the best visual result and spectacle freedom .
• Stem cell transplantation for complex eye diseases
• Childhood eye disease treatment and myopia control
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