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The team at Dr Sharifah Clinic for Women & Laparoscopic Surgery felt truly honoured to be awarded the Obstetrics & Gynaecology Clinic of the Year in the Asia-Pacific prize for the second consecutive year . We thanked our patients for giving us excellent reviews of our services . This award further affirmed our continuous efforts to strive for excellence to deliver the highest quality of safe patient care while ensuring the best experience to our patients .
The essence of winning this award centered primarily on our concerted , strong team efforts to provide the best quality patient-centered services . Our team is always ready to walk the extra mile for our patients to provide holistic , patient-centered care for every patient who walks into our clinic . We treat every patient with respect and see them as part of our family members and friends in need . We always strive to extend personalised care to every patient beyond their primary medical or surgical conditions , sometimes even beyond the ‘ hospital walls .’ We acknowledge that every patient has unique and intricate health needs , influenced by the complex interplay between their physical , mental , and social well-being . We give special attention to details surrounding our patients ’ lives and to the dynamics of their relationship with their family members or neighborhoods when we need to tap into the support system around them .
Dr Sharifah Halimah Jaafar
The healthcare services we provide go by the principle of evidence-based medical practice . We always aim to empower our patients with a better understanding of their medical and surgical needs to improve their competence in decision-making for their health through unhurried , open discussions , detailed explanations on available treatment options , including the pros and cons of each option . Such an approach enabled us to build a firm and trusted patient-doctor relationship , which removes all barriers to ensure compliance with the subsequent treatment .
As part of our efforts to enhance our expertise in women ’ s health , we focused our services specifically in the field of minimally invasive surgery in gynaecology , particularly in the management of pelvic pain in women , endometriosis , uterine tumours , reproductive problems , and infertility . We ensure that informed consent is taken from our patients after thorough discussions and counseling , with them fully understanding the benefits and risks involved . For all elective procedures , we make it a point to give our patients no less than a week to consider before making their decisions . We respect and are aware that it is the right of our patients to seek a second opinion over their health issues . Thus , we always encourage our patients who appear hesitant or indecisive to seek a second opinion . We are always happy and ready to facilitate them down such a path as part of their decision-making process .
The landscape of medicine evolves constantly and quickly due to the advancement in medical technology , with new discoveries and evidence helping to improve our understanding of disease processes and treatment options . The only way to ensure and enhance the delivery of quality health care services to our patients in today ’ s world is for us , the healthcare providers , to keep up with such progress and innovations through continuous active learning , including the need to unlearn and relearn , and participation in regional and international collaboration with other like-minded healthcare providers .
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