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gutCARE was founded with the aim of providing Singapore with a specialised digestive group practice . Given that gastroenterology is now one of the fastest developing fields in medicine , it is no longer possible for a single specialist to excel in all the different areas of digestive disorders . gutCARE brings together established gastroenterologists in each subspecialty in a single team , with the aim of providing specialised digestive care under one roof . As a result , gutCARE patients have access to a complete team of specialists and services normally found only in established gastroenterology departments in renowned institutions in Singapore and the region . gutCARE provides specialised expertise in all fields of digestive disorders including endoscopy , liver and functional disorders , gut motility , pancreatobiliary disorders , and digestive cancers . Because it ’ s often difficult for patients to know which subspecialty area is appropriate for them , gutCARE offers its patients full access to its entire team . Complex cases are managed by a team rather than a single doctor , with input from the appropriate expert in the subspecialty area .
Its consultants have presented at regional conferences , published in peer review journals , and held professorial appointments in academic institutions . Some of its specialists sit on international and regional-level expert committees , often perform live demonstrations at regional workshops , and introduce novel techniques and therapeutics , resulting in numerous awards at international competitions
Dr Mark Fernandes
in their field . The professional standards of gutCARE are benchmarked against industry standards in each area by the appropriate subspecialist , which assures patients of the quality of its services . gutCARE utilises a group practice model , which offers the convenience of multiple clinic locations and multiple doctors for patients to choose from . Using a specialist team concept means patients are not fully reliant on a single doctor because there will always be a doctor available to see any gutCARE patient .
Endoscopic services gutCARE offers the full spectrum of general and advanced endoscopic services , from diagnostic and screening endoscopy to complex and novel advanced procedures . These include : gastroscopy , colonoscopy , standard and advanced polyp removal , piles ligation , endoscopic ultrasound ( EUS ), endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography ( ERCP ), small intestine endoscopy , endoscopic dilation and stenting , feeding tube placement and exchange , and endoscopic emergencies . Our procedures are performed in fully-equipped endoscopy centres , with modern technology and equipment . For more difficult procedures , equipment may be catered specially from overseas for our patients .
Niche services gutCARE also provides an in-house suite of niche services in various subspecialty fields . These are possible because of its subspecialty focus and group practice model . The niche services include : motility studies , manometry , combined pH-impedance monitoring for reflux disorders , hydrogen / methane breath testing for sugar intolerances and small intestinal bacterial overgrowth ( SIBO ), FibroScan liver stiffness measurement , specialist dietetics , and clinical psychology . Our patients have full access to these services , which are otherwise only available in the large academic public hospitals in Singapore .
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